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  • Full text if you ever need it.
    Holy shicklschmeit, we are getting some seer-ee-oos schmadickle. I'd hate to be iggitybiggityfwig ov de bweghlfwhegh. 2-tolly. Amirite. Ya. Iamrite. Shickyshmickypoo, fwiggledigglepliggle. Rite? Coolio, meh fwerghlderghl glargenheim shiggy diggy. Grgrgrgrgrgrgrgh. Riggy. Figgy. Biggidydig. Lol k. Plop.
    It is longer than the 255 limit for steamlabs. The text is from some fun TTS that was done on old Teamspeak server I used to hang out on.

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