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Need tile artist!

Hey, everyone knows about URealm's amazing tiles and artwork! I want to run a campaign with some friends and I need a couple of custom tiles for it, I'm no good at art and was wondering if anyone would like to make some tiles for my campaign (I will credit you for your excellent work ;) ) Reply to this thread if you are interested! I will PM you the details.  :)


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    What kind of tile work are you looking for? Player tiles or NPCs or something? Btw I'm going to sleep RN so I'll probs answer tomorrow (like in 8 hours or so)
  • @CaptainThorn Let me know what you want if you're still looking for an artist. I'd be happy to help
  • @TheGravyNator ;
    I need 3 custom NPC tiles, and 5 custom player tiles. 
    @psymid thanks! What do you specialize in? Tiles? Maps? 

    there are 8 total tiles, but one of the tiles I won't need for this first campaign (one of the player tiles) as the guy doesn't have TTS yet. I've made a crappy sketch of one of the NPC tiles, the other two I just need a Female Dwarven Paladin (Kaynar) + A Male Elf Paladin (Abran) 

    One of my friends is making the player tiles but I forgot to show him the art style, so when they are done, I will show you guys them and if possible could I get them in the official URealms style? I can add the status effects after.

    The other NPC tile is a type of Flesh Monster, with more than 5 green eyes, boils and warts and gross stuff on its dark red skin. It needs to have its mouth open and have a massive tongue. I made some custom cards for its abilities.

  • @CaptainThorn im best at figure drawing, so tiles are more up my ally, but ive made a few maps before and could definitely do it again. 

    Also, yeah send those sketches my way when theyre in!
  • @psymid cool, I already have two of the player tiles which I'll be able to send you later today. If you don't mind me asking, what time zone are you in?
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