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How to use custom tile file?

I downloaded the custom tile photoshop file from the forums but I cant use it with photoshop express, does anyone know how to actually access it and make the tiles?


  • To clarify. I know how to make custom tiles in TTS, the only thing is I have no idea how to put the images onto the colored background properly, or add the status effects
  • never figured it out btw

  • I'm not sure, but it may be the difference between Photoshop and Photoshop Express that makes it so you can't use the file in Express? I'm not sure how to get that to work, but I would recommend taking a look here:
    It is so much faster than photoshop. Just link the png and it'll make the tile for you. It takes a little prep to quickly switch tile color, and the png gets mirrored horizontally, but otherwise it is super quick and I use it all the time.
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