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Starting A Campaign (Mechanically)

Can someone familiar with TTS give a detailed walkthrough of starting with character creation and then moving over to the campaign?


  • Rob
    edited June 2017
    Draw all the cards to fill up the appropriate slots.
    All Players choose their Race
    All Players draw their Cornerstone
    All Players draw their Attribute
    All Players choose their Class (drag one to their inventory and copy one and place it in the big ability slot, mouse over and press 2)
    All Players roll for Gold, give them 10*dice roll, 400 on 20

    Players now start buying cards until they are all done.
    Select a Players Cards and Character Tile > Right Click > Toggles > Persistent, do this for all the players
    Load your map and then set the Stamina of each character and hit save, if you hit save you can click on the big number to reset it to that.

    To find a specific card, right click a deck and hit search and then start typing the cards name. The website page is a great tool for reading up on cards too so make sure your players know about it.
  • Thank you so much @Rob ;!
  • This is good info to have!
  • @rob is it safe to assume we draw all the stuff from one deck?
  • @Rob ;
    Didn't know about persistent. Thanks!
  • @Rob me and my friend went through and made a few NPC characters for a campaign I'm planning out. Nice to know we did it right :)

    Also: When multiples get drawn for the store, do you overwrite the duplicates with new draws, or leave the dupes?
  • One thing I'm curious about for the game in general is how do I search for specific cards in the deck? One puppeteer card for instance allows for the user to create Cloth Robes, how do I search for this specific card?
  • Right Click on the deck wih that card and select search
  • It will show you a list and you will just have to scroll through them to find the one you are looking for
  • The persistent toggle is definitely nice to know. Thanks :)
  • @Akiy my suggestion is copy the deck, draw all the cards, paste the copy of the deck, and delete the old one for the next onw
  • If a Keen rolls a 20 how much gold should they get? 1200 or 600?
  • @polutropos I assume that would be 1200, as you triple the amount of gold from your roll, and your roll gave you 400 : )
  • 1200 I think
  • edited June 2017
    But you don't triple a double in combat right so wouldn't it be 600.
  • It would depend on the GM it could go both ways to be honest
  • It was stated by Rob when he first mentioned Keens in a character creation preview I believe. You normally can't double a double/triple in combat, but this isn't combat this is rolling for gold. Plus, rolling a 20 is a Critical Success, so it does in fact double the triple after all!
  • will watching the TSS have a spoilers from any of the camps before it?
  • I cant wait to get tabletop simulator!!!
  • i gotta get TTS downloaded ASAP aswell, can't wait to start some campeigns
  • i have it pm me if ya want another player

  • Just a question, what is the best way to search for companions? Certain cards like the cornerstone caretaker allow them to chose companions, and as far as I know the search function doesn't work for the companion decks
  • @Javo That's because they are saved as numbers in the Companion deck. All I did was just draw a couple, save them as their name, and then go through the whole deck like that. That way you can just search for it in saved objects and then grab whichever you want.
  • Might try and join one tomorrow unless my parents wanna do something, message me on my profile if ya got one planned tomorrow!
  • edited July 2017
    @ewanme99 There is a section on the forums for this
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