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Weekly Character Creation Prompt #3: The Whelpling Defense Force!

The militaristic city of Abdit has had a growing problem threatening the city. For the past months multiple whelplings have been attacking the city, killing countless innocents in the attacks. Since the first attacks, encounters with the whelplings have become more and more frequent, creating panic amongst the people of Abdit.

Quickly after the initial attacks, the city scrambled together a garrison of volunteers and trained soldiers in order to defend the city from the whelplings. The garrison was named The Whelping Defense Force (name was quickly made by the city, will be changed later. In fact, in your character prompts give me a better name). The ultimate goal of the force? Find the Den where the Dragons reside and do whatever it takes to destroy the Den.

No Restrictions on your characters this week, go wild boys!

(I know normally I'd put a character in for this but I've been kinda away from the computer for a while and don't have a good way to make a character, I'll try to make one later in the weekend maybe. Have fun guys.)


  • Hello! My name is Robski, and I am top level officer in Whelpling Defense, also known as Whelpsterminators or Whelp Wranglers! I personally commissioned motto on our garrison banner, it says here "Whelp, that was easy!"

    You might be wondering, why do the Abditians consider me the top qualified for Whelp killing? Well, perhaps you should go reread my inventory, have the second link!
    I have never missed any shot in my whole life. I have fantastic Moonwolf here, just call her Svrnya! And the best part, is that the Whelp cannot mind control me, so while everyone else is focused on the killing each other, I can finish off the enemy myself! 
  • (oh was i supposed to do a rp thing >.>)
  • Yes, please go ahead and create your backstory while the Whelplings are destroying the goddamn town.
    You're probably good without backstory, but I always go with a short description at the very least whenever I create something.
  • oh ok (I was worried that I missed a rule or something XD)
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    I present to you Kurasu a very small keen rouge who along with his childhood friend/concubine the blood snake queen mia and his love slave the shezaite sheila have helped protect the city of abdit on meany occasions before the whelpling attacks first started as members of the old guard now as members of the W.D.F they act mainly as both a support and distraction squad

    gold roll:12
    stamina: kurasu 54 mia 75 sheila 90 
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    (Final update) I submit my giant pork, Brigg the Massive


    for stam
    133 stamina total

    for gold
  • @Viizko oh right... Lore... Uuuhhhh... Let me try... This...

    I am Brigg, I am really big blackboar. I live in woods because I scares people. I don't want to scares people, I want to help people! Brigg is strong! Brigg is self taught! Brigg had an ogre friend who was killed by bandits. Brigg killed bandits and kept ogres skin to remember him! Ogre was nice and taught Brigg how to enchant! Brigg got his armor from his pit family! But Brigg forgot his big sword so he sharpend a small tree. Brigg is nice and smart too. Brigg not to good at speaking though. Brigg can't write either. And Brigg not like spells. But wizards are ok. Brigg don't like flying lizards cause they shoot spells at him! Brigg there bolder at flying lizards. Brigg can read little, ogre taught Brigg! Brigg saw sign said help and and arrow said dis way. So Brigg came to help with flying lizards. Brigg was thinking maybe Brigg could move into town if Brigg helps? Oh and Brigg thinks we could call the team "flying lizard smashes!"



    Emphsara: 68

    Tibiscus: 79

    Greetings my friends, I am Emphsara the captain of our little group. My father,  High Commander Dertuox of the Abditian army suggested me for leadership when he heard of the creation of the Whelpling Defense Force, or WDF for short. I for one, personally like the name our group has been called.

    If you are perhaps wondering about my credentials for my the post I have been given, I shall give you a short list of them. I began training at a very young age to follow in my fathers footsteps, and I have already led quite a few forces such as these, and I have a more permanent post as a commander of a rather sizable battalion that ranges from guard duty to the rare hunting down of criminals, as well as battle when we are at war with another city. My bodyguard of course is apart of our team, and is just as qualified, if not moreso, when it comes to combat, as he has served under my father long before my birth.

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    Milavin_Vandamn_and_Dia are two members of the Whelpling Defence Force. Milavin has been known as a tamer of animals and took under her metaphorical wing Dia, who has been known to have Milavin under her wing. Milavin and Dia have been known to be wonderful partners, and joined the defense force together for the purpose of defending their home town.

    Stamina: 72 [Owlrat Stamina: 70]
    Gold: 800

    Fun fact. One of the beast companions I drew was a Whelping.

    Edit* I think I got the stamina wrong. It's either 40x2 +30 = 110. Or, it's 70x2, = 140. So it's either 110 or 140 stamina for the Owlrat.
  • Rahvel_sunsword is this ultimate healer. Can basic attack for 5 and a random spell, can heal in a radius for 120. Can charm a target at a distance. Can have 4 immediate bonus actions by drinking EXXP, twice, and can clear all status effects with a limited.

    also, a edgy teen sunsword who found herself in in this town randomly on a spending spree. Thinking of become a great hero she joined and said they should considered the name "Protecting Everyone and Totally Awesome." Fucking stuck up elves man
  • @Dragen445 miss Emp-... Emphs-..... Miss leader lady, can I join the task force? (Brigg)
  • @Viizko Of course friend,I see no problem with it, I trust you are a skilled combatant?
  • @Dragen445 uuhh, Brigg strong! Brigg killed bandits once by him self. Bandits killed Briggs friend ogre. Brigg not like magic much but Brigg can stab flying lizards with his big sharp stick!
  • To sum of Brigg, he is supposed to be a 9 space tile who is immune too all forms of effects like blindness and burning. He hits kinda hard too with his multiple buffs on his lame weapon
  • Bigger than a hut, smaller than a tavern for those trying to think of his height
  • @Viizko Ah,I'm sorry to hear about your friend, and I am glad to hear that you're skilled,I would hate to cause even more death.
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    Jerrik Nagolin

    Stam:60. Gold roll:15.

    Jerrik is a squad commander with years of experience on the battlefield. He's seen countless allies fall in battle. He's lost count of the amount of fights he's been apart of. All he really knows is war. For him, it never changes. Fight, survive, and repeat. All of this experience has lead him to be at peak form, and those around him say that the experience has took his toll. He often can't sleep. Sometimes he sees foes that aren't there, but he can still be an effective strategist. He likes to always be in control of the battle, as if he was playing with puppets. 

  • Ganith_Grayson

    Now, they come from a family which encourages over-dramatic traits, the family is basically awful, and their parents are loving, but they think teenage angst or toddler rage is "cute" and don't do anything about it, and subtly encourage it. One of their kobold daughters left, and Ganith was rather attached to his sister, so for his birthday when he asked his parents for something to renember her by, the Parents agreed and gave him the heartwell locket - as his parents loved him. 

    However due to a rather dangerous prank involving a hatrat, a spoon and a Dream Web Ring, he started having nightmares. Overtime he learnt how to manifest these nightmares into a phsyical form; several types of spores. He learnt that the darkness of his nightmars came from withinhimself, and using similar magic, he could extract his own blood through the pores of his skin, and heal people with them. 

    He learnt how to inflict nightmares upon his family. He was the prankster. He was in charge! Whenever a sibling stole his food, he gave them nightmares. 

    However his nightmares didn't stop. And giving his family nightmares didn't make him feel better - it was only a temporary feel better solution. In a moment of wisdom, he left his family. He did not know what would happen, but he figured the nightmares would stop if he moved away. They did not. He was constantly plagued by immense nightmares, forever a plague on his mind. What he did to his family also plagued him. 

    Eventually he started longing for the sweet embrace of death, figuring his sister was long dead by the cruelness of the world. He is also prone to bloodlust, and has consumed many spiders in an effort to kill himself. 

    Now he takes any job he can find, will be willing to do anything, just to die and cure his pain, end the nightmares and end himself. This includes fighting whelpings. 
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    Karn_Silverfyre was once a prisoner of an insane fire cult that wanted to sacrifice him to whelplings. Karn didn't take to kindly to this, and while the whelpling did rip off his arm, he subdued it in the end. The whelpling, recognizing Karn's strength, became his Companion, and together, they slaughtered the cult. Once out, Karn made a bow out of the whelpling's scales and made it a prosthetic. After this event, Karn donned the name Silverfyre. 

    With this whelpling problem, I think its time to fight fire with fyre.
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    Stamina: 50
    Gold roll: 15 (450 extra gold due to Keen racial)

    Eyrios is a traveling swordsman, always seeking power and constantly testing himself.

    Sometime ago, in his younger years he had signed a Blood Gift contract by a suspected Ageless Warlock who promised him great power - in exchange for his life force. He accepted this, and the Warlock had given him some sort of... hourglass. 

    He had asked the warlock what the hell is this hourglass and the warlock simply shrugged and said, "Break it when the time is right - when something most dear to you is in great, great peril and the power of that Blood Gift isn't enough to overcome it. But, activating this power will mean you will inevitably die shortly thereafter..."

    Now, he heard of this Welpling threat - and lining up with his messy luck: his hometown and nonetheless returned as a much older individual to help out the town because "I felt like it".
    "No need for payment with gold - fighting the spawn of the Divine is good enough payment for me."
    I never knew there was a den near here though. I wonder what else is hidden by this place?
  • Rolled 15 for gold so:
    Zila is a Kobold Ageless Medusa, when she was five years old she found the spell scroll and accidentally used it. She is used to being in charge, but when her village was attacked by another Medusa, all of her hard work was destroyed, she sought revenge, and eventually made her way to an old blind seeker in the mountains, he taught her how to be a cabalist, and introduced her to that Ageless cause, she immediately enacted the ritual using the poor old man as a sacrifice. Since then she has wandered the world recruiting individuals to the Ageless Empire, and covers her eyes almost constantly when she wants to be treated normally. She heard of the Den near Abdit, and so joined up with their Whelpling Defense Force to 'recruit' some whelplings and hopefully a dragon to join the Ageless. She has no intention of revealing her identity to anyone, and when they do eventually fight whelplings, she always tries to gaze into their eyes, so far all that has happened the first two times is that she has helped the dragon go on a murderous rampage before the whelpling was taken down. She does hope to be able to catch one unawares and be able to take it as her own, however, And if she ever gets to see a real Dragon, she will expend all of her energy to attempt to convert it.

    Gameplay-wise I'd treat Zila as a Life Draining machine, if an ally gets low she uses Essence Tap (And gains ten stamina from it because Blood Aura Plate), otherwise she just pumps her health into Life Drain which gets refunded twice and then heals her for 25, Unless she gets taken out immediately she is a threat, and if a Whelpling charms her... Time to restart the encounter boys!
  • @Viizko just as an fyi, you only roll for gold, no bonus stam from rolls this year.
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