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The mod is out!



  • Just an update to say that it works, even on my toaster laptop. (It does make my laptop really warm though. That might have something to do with Tabletop Sim in general and nothing to do with the mod.)
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    I really like the backgrounds in the mod. It's as stone wall with carvings of different races in urealms.
  • HYPE :smile: 
  • @SugarSmear Oh those requirements are so low so it's easy to run compared to other games
  • @girclassgamer I don't think that is ever going to work considering there are over 2000 cards. URealms is too big to effectively control anything unless it is in a computer.
  • Thanks for the goodies Rob  :)
  • Even tho my PC is shit, I'm glad it is out... Also I'm happy to see it being featured on the TTS Workshop page.
  • THIS IS SO COOL!!!!!
  • Don't know if anyone's pointed it out yet, but when you click on the 'about' page of the website it still refers to the mod being out later this summer. Just a little thing I noticed idk if it's really important to fix with the main page announcements and everything.
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    Pulled "Companion Ability | Touch of Kallisto" from the Random Spells Deck box and the card face was black. Not sure if it's this way for anyone else.

    EDIT: Looked into it by saving the card by itself to my "Saved Objects" chest, and looked at the resulting .JSON file to get the link to the card sheet that the card references to. There's a blank black spot on the top right of the sheet, which is where I am guessing the card is supposed to be, since it's nowhere else on the sheet.  For @Rob 's reference, so he can fix it whenever he has the time - the card should be on the sheet called "deck_companion_23.jpg"
  • playing around a bit, the random card combos from 3 different characters were insane. Trying to make a teenage girl with a shock baton (thane), I accidentally made a master thief. Oh, and she was blind too, so there's that. xD
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