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Make yourself in the Character Creator

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Thought it would be fun to attempt to create ourself in the character creator. You don't need to obey the gold costs & shop restrictions(access to all the cards). Lets also say that Weapon Slots will be replaced by Item Slots (becuase most people don't walk down the street with glowing clubs or burning shields.)

The character creator can be found:


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    Name Simple, calm minded, tall and derpy
  • Thall_Real_World Can sing and act but like, thats it.
  • edited June 2017 From a small family, I'm leaving to become an actor. Nothing seems to go my way, hilariously so.
  • @Cloud heyo fellow actor! Goodluck out there!
  • Me
    I anger easily and I make stories and cook every now and then
  • This is me

    this art is really lazy, so dont judge the anatomy
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    I'm an immigrant and have a mixed descent, so attribute foreign and class dwelf works perfect! Further i am born in a very cold climate-zone so frostborn fits great. For my personality i invest heavily in friendships etc -> attribute trustworthy ;) 
    And class is dreamweaver just because i can have lucid dreams. :drunk: 
  • Blizta

    My father taught me a lot about IT so mech Savvy fits pretty good. I'm petty casual in general but other fitting attributes would have been paitent or klutz.
    I like sleeping ... a lot.
    When I talk to my friends they tell me about their problems and i often help them to calm down and relax. :3
    I choose the seeker class and the seek destiny ability because I'm still trying to figure out my goals in life.

    And i decided to add my best friend. She cares a lot about her friends and takes good care of them.
    But she likes to hit me from time to time (in a friendly way) and i gave her the ability charge because she often picks me up from places because i can't drive. :)
  • @Thall You too :drunk: 
  • Good ol' faeriesmam, an Elven Seeker. I chose the Cornerstone Scavenger because my father's raised me and my brother for the last seven years since my mom dipped out, and we're part of the working poor. I chose the attribute Intelligent because I like to learn things. Passive is Friendship Ring because my best friend and I would totally do something like that.
    I chose seeker because I like to learn a lot of different things, which is why I chose to get a Tome of Quintara Lotus and a Tome of Vlarunga -- IRL I think fire is super cool and I love the idea of arcane arts, so I think it fits me pretty well. I also chose Acquired Wisdom because I've been through some stuff in my life, and I've learned from both my mistakes and the mistakes of others around me, so it seemed fitting.
    Following Blitza's idea, I added my best friend as a companion! Her name is Kaitlyn and I chose the class Petalwalker for her because she's a sweet, kind, and caring person but if you mess with her friends or family, you're gonna regret it. I also can't imagine going on an adventure without her, so she's comin' with me.
    I'll explain my stuff to help people make sense of it.
    For my race I chose Elf, since I'm thin and tallish, and I don't have very masculine features. 
    For my class I chose Alchemist, since I minored in Chemistry, and that a class much more than a Math major would. 
    For the class abilities I just chose some potion related stuff, since it's reminiscent of mixing up solutions in chemistry labs.
    For the Cornerstone I chose Academic since I'm in college, and none of the other ones really fit well.
    For a companion, I chose a sunhound to represent my dog, who's very fluffy, and so fits a sunhound better.
    For armor I chose thick fur rainments, since I like fluffy clothes that are comfy.
    I also out aura of chaos, since I love to see things in chaos. 
    And for attribute, I chose Jingoist, for reasons...
  • Yeah sure here I am, Real_Life_Tiny

    I'm really smart in school but literally ANYTHING I do I am extremely unlucky in, so I chose that attribute over intelligent. I have prodigy and teacher's pet because that is literally me, and I love to wear robes... yes I actually do don't judge me... Other than that I love drama so I made myself a bard, but I can't actually play an instrument other than singing so I chose the abilities that don't require playing an instrument.
  • I'm lazy and I really didn't know what else to put Sgt_Devel  Rabbly describes what I can do really well (I know how to push a person's buttons and how to annoy them in certain ways to get them at max levels of frustration)
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    Gnome: I am the shortish in my household and short for my age 
    Alchemist: Planing to major in Chemistry
    Scholar: I am smart and i have a aunt that teaches  
    nearsighted: i am blind as a bat in one eye 
    freeboot coat: I wear my light jacket alot (when it is not the summer)
    Protected shades: my glasses can turn into sun glasses
    Gnome ranger: I got a sister (twin) who hunts alot! 
  • Name
    dwelf: I am a little bit taller then most people I know
    rouge: I have a abnormally high libido
    hidden: pretty self explanatory I act like a completely different person at home then anywhere else
    reclusive: also self explanatory I prefer to be alone and not talk to people
    sword and rifle: I own both a sword and rifle in real life
    all the books: I like to read
    enrage: I get angry pretty easily
    moonlight: I am a night person
    freeboot coat: I wear a jacket whenever I go outside
    brown spices: I'm not a great cook
    masochism: .... do I really have to enplane?
    seek destiny: I am still trying to find what to do in the future
    storyteller: self explanatory I like to make up story's
  • I'd say good luck to the two actors but now a days I can't really do that.
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