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URealms Typo Thread

edited June 2019 in Help Desk
I have no interest in users helping me fix cards. I don't have time to really spend sitting around changing little typos for cards that I'm still ultimately changing over and over. Any typo i fixed in S1/S2/S3 for example is almost useless considering how many times these cards get re-worked in changed. When I'm done changing cards, then it will make sense to clean up typos, until then it's just a pet peeve of mine and you make me like you less pointing out errors. I

I simply don't have the time to waste on things that ultimately don't matter. One day they will matter, cause i'll want to get the cards printed, until then I rather spend the energy developing the game, the show, my streams and other work worrying about small things that effect nothing but a few users being annoyed by typos in an unfinished product.
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