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Fred's Realm Group [CLOSED]

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So as of recent, I've decided I wanted to expand my Fred's Realm group to become more open with other URealm players!
And because it'd be alot more fun to do more campaigns rather than wait till Friday to only do one.

Edit: Please do not sign up if you are not willing to get to know the lore and understand the lore.

"Fred, how do I get in on this?"

Sadly we are currently NOT open.

What is Fred's Realm?

Fred's Realm is a URealm universe with a more different turn.
Featuring characters NOT from the offical URealms, of course.
Brand new Races and Classes.
And a turn on the lore.

How should I sign up?

Sadly you cannot sign up anymore as we are currently closing Fred's Realm to keep it at a certain size.


Putting in "" is wrong.
Putting in "" is right for when it asks for your forum.
"Fred, how do I do this?"
Rather than click on go to profile, just click on your name in the fourm, as long as it's not then you're good to go.

For you're Discord ID do not write anything other than the ID itself, for example: "Jimmy#0000"

Timezone issues, not knowing what it is? Do a simple google search of "What time is it now?" and you'll be able to see your timezone bracketed. To make my life easier, put a - or a + based on if it's behind or ahead. E.g: BST +1

Please post a message to help bumpifiy this thread for other people to see after you've done a discussion.

Also know that there'd be no way for anyone to get to you aside from me to add you, the discord is so i can actually get you in and have you as a friend so in the event of a local Doggo being "ANGERY" we can get you back.


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