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See how many you can get right.
Afterwards make your own questions and post them here!

1. What is the name of  Davey 'Dave' Davidson's most famous novel

Boyfriend Quest

2. What is the name of Trandon's alpha pot puppy?

3. What was the team name of the players in the Side Quest "Battle of the Bards?"

Team Future Winners

4. How did Raynel go blind?

She got sprayed in the eyes by a funk

5. What was Vitali's nickname for Alessa?

Sad Lady

6. How did Sly Johnson's Wife die?

A piano fell on her


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    You got the answer to question 3 wrong:
    it's The Future Winners, not Team Future Winners

  • I got 5 out of 6.
  • edited June 2017
    I got 'em all. I guess I'm some kind of minor loremaster now.
    But how about a hard mode?

    1. What is an alternate name High Bears have for the disgraced Low Bears?
    A'nu. As long as you pronounced it right, you got it right.
    2. Who was the first character to die in Season 2?
    Jormr's boy.
    3. What made the Season 2 All In ability so overpowered pre-nerf?
    You could re-roll all Critical Failures while under the effects of All In.
    4. What was the fifth Attribute given to Jamboree in DoD The Skeleton King campaign? typos damn.
    None, there were only four (Hoarder, Daredevil, Psychic, Sigil of Flame). This is the only trick question here.
    5. Who was the first Ancient Elf to be played in a campaign?
    Orvan Weiss.
    6. Who are the members of the "Murder Bros" from the Silvermine Mountains?
    Unter and Trusty Neconni.
    7. Which Dragon Aspect Attribute has never been drawn in any campaign or character creation?
    Follower of the Light.
    8. Who was the last player character to be killed while being played by a player in Season 2?
    Jeanie Jaredson.

  • knguy answer 8 is wrong, Lunk died in the den of devils campaign, he was just brought back through the Sin.
  • @Zerxrez I definitely knew that, but I figured if I went with simply "killed" and not "failed a Death Roll" that would be fine. While he may have gone through through the process of dying, Lunk is still standing among the living right now and so sure as hell don't want to count him for this, otherwise ez money ez lyfe question.
  • @knguy Jamboree was a member of the Bopen's crew in the Skeleton King.
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