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Rolling a 1 (or 20) on this here website!

So I just rolled a 1. 

Previously I've rolled between 2 and 19. Gotten the 100+x thing. 

But today I rolled a 1. 

It was still 100+x. (I gained 101 coins and exp) 

I was disappointed. 

I wanted to lose something there, or get 0, or.... idk... some sad popup to happen explaining how my coins got lost because they were being packaged in a faulty coconut and the coins dropped into the ocean while being carried by an African or European... anyway SOMETHING. Make it suck to roll that 1. 

I can deduce that from this if I roll a 20 it's gonna be 100+x instead of something cool as well. (or maybe it's not, maybe that's already cool) 

Anyone else want 1 to be a critical fail (and 20 to be something fricken awesome)? 


  • I have rolled a 20 and it gave me +50
  • I'm against not getting any gold for the day from rolling a 1. It just makes it so lame to wake up all ready to level up, or finally buy that one avatar you want, and then roll a one and have no possible way of it happening.
  • in my humble opinion, Rob already said the gold is effectivley useless apart from buying the Avatars. As gold is so useless and you need a lot of it, whats the point of making a one extra bad if it's not that big of a factor? i think it's fine
  • ya i would like it if 1 gave you nothimg, but with a nutty explanation to why you are getining nothing. and then a 20 to be like a auto advance to the next level. I think that would be fun expesaly if it tied into The nutty story you get on a 1.
  • @Dart The problem is less about the gold, which people would be annoyed and whining if they couldn't afford their favorite avatar when they thought they'd be able to, and more about the EXP that you'd not get if you rolled a 1, because your level actually does matter.
  • *Rolls a 1*

    "Huh, oh! Your coins were stolen by Goblins! No coins received!"

    "Looks like the mines ran out for today! No coins received!"

    "A hatrat came and stole the delivered coins! No coins received!"
  • So would you still get EXP? Because if you didn't I don't think rob will ever implement it.
  • 20's are already better in this than they are in the actual game. I'm pretty sure that Rob has always said that 20's do double damage, so really, on the forums, not only are you getting double gold, but you are also getting an extra 10. 

    (I actually just rolled my first 20 today, so this was fresh on my mind)
  • I'm glad to hear that a 20 is pretty decent. 

    And yeah gold doesnt matter at all really, sure you can get some better avatars but... idk go buy a shirt and do that photo thing. Once you get the avatar you want then big whoop. 

    For me it was the oh I just rolled a 1... and there was... nothing... bad about it? 

    So maybe everyone's idea of still getting the exp (maybe 100 instead of 100+1, lol) is positive. I like that :-) 
  • Yeah it should just be no extra gold from the roll, can't have anything too negative there. Like imagine if you rolled a 1 for Gold while creating a character. You probably wouldn't give yourself any bonus gold, but you wouldn't want to take any away because if you did you might end up screwing your character over much more badly than expected.
  • I'd say you still get EXP but no gold. And there could be a submit where people send in stories to explain how you had no gold like discord's loading screens
  • I have the Roam1n abilities with my gold rolls, Im happy how it is

  • I like the idea of getting a flat 100 if you roll a 1, but honestly, I don't think it matters enough. 
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