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Calling all Discords

  Hello, I am Beast and I run the Urealms Live Discord Those of you that run discords may have noticed a Discord PM from me if I have your discord in my list. Those of you that have not, here's what's happening. I've noticed a few times the call to make a single unofficial discord, a place for all fans of URealms, GM's, players, and just fans of the show to get together and talk URealms. I have already merged with many other discords to grow up to 60+ members. 

  Now for the real reason for this post. If you are interested in joining a large community dedicated to being fans of Rob and URealms feel free to join using the link above. If you run a discord and are interested in merging together and creating this one big discord that people here on the forums want, feel free to PM me and we can talk details. I go by Beasthogames on Discord and basically anywhere else. I am not afraid to add rooms, make new ranks and change some things around to accommodate you and your discord.
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