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Campaign - Scourge of Enazyma Marsh

Scourge of Enazyma Marsh
Greetings. This is the first campaign I've ever made so there will likely be balancing issues that need to be addressed. I've just been stewing it in my mind for over a month and needed to get it down in proper form before it drove me crazy. Also thanks to @Aptmage for figuring out a good format in writing these things down. Check out his campaigns as well. They're cool looking.

Campaign Information
Encounters: 3
To be determined
Maps: Only this one
TTS Mod:
When it gets there.

Campaign Overview:
This is a linear campaign where the choices the players make in early encounters will affect the difficulty of the final encounter. There are some opportunities for roleplay events to play out between encounters with some side paths that can bring reward or ruin depending on skill or luck.

Character Creation Setup:
It's up to the GameMaster's discretion, but it is highly recommended that the party brings at least one Lumberjack with pristinewoodcuttersaxe as rough terrain will become a problem during the second half of the campaign. Characters who are large tiles will also find it difficult to navigate the 1 tile wide bridges and cramped spaces.

"You have been tasked by a group of Alchemists and Zoologists with identifying and stopping a beast at the heart of Enazyma Marsh that has been devouring the swamp. Enazyma Marsh is an important ecosystem within the realm. Dozens of alchemical reagents used in both magic and medicine are found within the region, and should it perish then it would mean the death of hundreds of people, and the extinction of thousands of species. Gold, glory, and a lifetime supply of some of the realms best potions wait for those that come back alive."

Encounter 1
The party comes from the north to the Wetlands and as they hit the first mound in the wetlands they realize that the swamp is filled with Crunchodiles waiting to ambush them, the party leader rolls for awareness to see whether they notice one sneaking up from behind. If the roll is low then the enemy gets the first attack.
In the lower left corner of the map is harpy standing between her nest and an advancing Crunchodile. She is not hostile toward the party, and unable to handle the monster on her own. It will be the party's decision whether they help her or not.

There will be 2-6 Crunchodiles on the map depending on the strength of the party. One will be the one sneaking up on the party, the second one will be approaching the harpys nest, and the remaining ones will be spread across the map as the GM sees fit. Should the party save the harpy she will come back to help them in the final encounter. (I suggest placing her tile near the final encounter to remind yourself.)

Stamina: 60
Anytimes: 6 Shared between them.
Deathroll: Death when Stamina reaches 0
regenerativecells The party will have to focus them down one by one.
crunch This is the go-to attack for the Crunchodiles.
swipe If the target is standing on a bridge or next to water the Crunchodiles may try to push them in.
swallow The Crunchodiles will only use this if their target is in the water.


The party sets up a small camp as they finally get a proper look at what is happening to the swamp. Everything seems to be sloping downwards into a big pit and various landmasses are being swallowed into it. The former research facility up ahead is in ruins and things are looking dark. They get a chance to discuss this and explore the surrounding area for a bit. To the south-east is a porc pit where one may take a dip if one wants to, or even bathe a pig and make a porc
companion of one has the opportunity for that.

Encounter 2
The party approaches the former research facility and is met with the cackling of a Gnomish scavenger calling himself Mateusz Mercurio. He's bossing around and entourage of Gobelfs and kicks one into the swamp, urging him to get a treasure chest sitting on the bank. Should the party confront him directly he will be open to hear them out, but he's very skittish and should they slight him or hurt his ego he wil raise his rifle and start combat.

The Gobolf Cohort will approach the treasure chest from the side, touching the pink tentacles and will have to death roll as a result. This should be used as an example that the pink tentacles count as Dangerous Terrain and the brown mud counts as Rough Terrain.

Stamina: 200
Anytimes: 4
Deathroll: 1
grapplinghook He will be using this to move around the building and get vantage points for the rest of his abilities and attacks.
matchlockrifle This is his go-to attack if he is out of range for using potions.
dexterous He's a nimble fellow, and as such he's an annoying fellow to focus down.
expelixxir He will have five of these in his inventory, but will never use them on himself only his cohorts.
freezingbomb He will have two of these, and is likely to use one if the party huddles up.
lovepotion He will have two of these, and will use them if he finds himself running low on allies.
fortunepotion When Mateusz has been in Danger once he will use this trump card to escape combat.

Gobold Cohorts
There will be 3-5 of them and their health and abilities will be determined by Random Mercenary Companions.

Ways to win:
1. Defeat and subdue Mateusz Mercurio
2. Make the Gobolfs commit mutiny
3.  Defeat Mateusz Mercurio and make him run away
4. Talk your way out of it and strike a deal
5. Some other inventful way based on the party's creativity.

Should win condition 1 or 2 be met then the party will be awarded with a Stolen Harpy Egg. The mother of those eggs will approach the party and try to communicate that she wants it back. Should the party give it to her then she will come to aid them in the final encounter of the Campaign.

The treasure chest next to the research facility is an opportunity for the GM to hand out some goodies. Be it random Treasures, Legendaries, or something specific. My suggestion would be to give someone hikingboots as they will be very useful in the final encounter. Especially if there are no harpies there to aid the party. Or you could just be a dick and have it be a Mimic.

Encounter 3 (Final)

The air is hot and humid, difficult to breathe. Death and decay rests at the heart of the swamp. The party is welcomed by the chilling crunch of reptile bones being crushed by the tentacle-filled centerpoint of the sinkhole. Each member of the party rolls a die. Whoever rolls the lowest gets snagged by a tentacle from behind and chucked into the pit, one space away from the Dangerous Terrain.

The swamp starts humming, Titan Mama Lacerator emerges from the center.

Feel free to use these custom tiles or just use the normal Momma Lacerator tile from the game.

More tentacles spawn around the perimeter of the sinkhole to prevent the party from escaping. Combat has Started.

Titan Mama Lacerator
3x3 Tile
Can not be moved
Stamina: 600
Actions: 2
Anytimes: 5
Deathroll: 1
Basic Attack: 25 damage
custom card This skill is used to pull the players and other targets closer to Dangerous Terrain adjacent to the boss.
custom card The main gimmick of this boss. She will try to pull everyone in to murder them in her roots. Should anyone die to this MAKE IT GRAPHIC!
grandpollination These minions will become obstacles that prevent the party from moving too efficiently.
mudshot This should prevent casters from getting too comfortable by staying far away.
malnourish She will only use this once she's getting low on health.

Perimeter Tentacle
Stamina: 30
Anytimes: None, but they gain a Bonus Action when a Target is adjacent to them.
Deathroll: Dies when stamina runs out.

The harpies that have been saved up until this point will join the battle. They will not aid in attacking, but will instead get one action per round that lets them swoop in to pull an Ally out from the Dangerous Terrain and put them 5 spaces away from the Titan Mama Lacerator. Having saved the harpies will be a godsend, especially for melee based classes.

The Titan Mama Lacerator is the first of her kind and will become valuable research material for the local scientists. The party is given some chance to reflect as well as talk about what they will do with their rewards. Congratulations! You've completed Scourge of Enazyma Marsh!


  • Whoo, this is really good, i like the thematic of the campaign a lot, and the ideas and creativity behind it was great, thank you for taking the time to create it!
  • This looks fantastic, I'm definitely going to run this for my players once the mod releases!
  • Looks amazing well done :)
  • Mind if I convert this over to Savage Worlds? I want to run this but since the mod isn't out...
  • @SugarSmear ;
    I love you maps so much. Mama lancer looks like a fun fight, that's some serious stamina though.
  • @KaeawynShifter Do with it as you please. It's a bit rough around the edges still so it might even need some of the adjustment.
    @DoctorWorm I'm still not sure if I got the stamina right in any of the encounters. It's hard to tell without knowing how much damage a party can do. Ultimately I'd want people able to take her out if they focused all their fire at her for six rounds or so. Assuming there will be four players and the Fireball Model says 25 damage is good damage then the party should ideally be able to do 100 damage each round.
  • I recently ran this campaign and had a blast. My players seemed to really enjoy the 1st encounter and especially the 1st interlude. My players rolled a 20 when making a porc.
  • it was fun just want it as my 1st game
  • I'm in love with your map!
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