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The Dark Paladin Order - FULL | 6/10/17 | RP Focused | All Welcome!

Looking: For a full party of 4!

Playing: 6/10/17 at whatever time works for the 4 that respond. 

Style: This will be a more RP focused campaign with some story based combats mixed in. 

Skill Level: I dont care if this is your first time opening table top simulator or your 300th hour of playing URealms. I consider myself a decent GM and will try and make the game the most fun for everyone involved. (We will be doing our RP in voice chat so Discord and a Microphone are required.)

So. WHAT IS THIS campaign about. you might ask, well I will tell you. This campaign is called The Dark Paladin Order. Your party will be in a group of ageless, golestandt worshipers not too long after the birth of magic (Before the ageless persecution). As such, the party will have access to every race besides Gnome, Keen, and Black Boar and the classes Deathknight, Cabalist, Bonedancer, and Fleshweaver. I will go over more if you join and character creation will take place whenever I'm online. If you join I will PM you my discord server for character creation/Roleplay.


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