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What characters/storylines are you hoping to see continued in season three?

With season three coming up just around the corner, who's storyline are you hoping will be continued? Personally, I'd like to see a continuation of Gwenyth's storyline with the Woodcarvers as they track down Golestandt and clean up his(?) mess.


  • A continuation of the Lightbeard storyline with Lance willakers,I'm really interested in seeing where Rob goes with that.
  • I want to see a campaign that involves Bob, I want to know what happened to him

  • I want them to find a great city located inside the bubble world from the sidequest. The thought of a fully functioning city inside what is essentially a meta item space for most games amuses me.
  • I would like the more politcal side of the world expanded more im a huge lore buff and would love to see what kinda of nation states existed if they showed a map i think i would freak out
  • Hoping we get another Tower of Ultimate Wizardry ep since that campaign wasn't technically over :D
  • I want to see New Porc City, The Wizard Ogre who ran for his Funk, Dob (i think they rolled for him surviving, and he passed), and i want to see Porbo
  • The thing I am the most hopeful for is a Campain with some more of the Dragon Aspects are involved in some way.  :)
  • I hoping to see some stories from Abracadab
  • I wanna see Gweneth and Kallarks story continue!
  • I want to see more mealstrom, and high bear story lines
  • As generic of an answer as it is, I'm hoping that we get to see Phillipe? Philippe? at least one more time, I feel there was story there that never got explored.
  • I actually kinda want to see the Cobblers come back, I quite liked those characters.
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    The Woodcarvers story and the Rick Snot accidental ship captain story would be cool.
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    I hope to see a great city of ether Gnomes, Dwarfs, Kobolds or Elves and how they operate  :smileporc: 
  • I'd like to see what happened to the royal guards of Dundinborough after the siege. (Mostly James Briggs though)
  • I want more Maelstrom
  • I'm hoping Roman and Deadbones' couple shows up at some point. The fan theory of "she just has him in a dreamworld" would make them perfect as a tiny side joke to insert somewhere.
  • I want to see the Elven Families or meet the Sunsword Family.

  • More Dob is always a good thing.
  • I want them to continue to climb the tower of ultimate #NOTRICKS.
  • I like a Rick Snot accidental ship captain story with Bob and other ship wrecked characters old or new
  • Like OP, I really want to see what happens with Gwyneth and the Woodcarvers. There's a dragon spreading death where it flies--I need to see how this progresses! And, of course, I always need more Phineas in my life.
    But I'm really excited to see the fallout of Virgo's death. Have the tides turned in favor of the skeleton king? Who can rise to fill the badassery vacancy? And I imagine that these two plotlines can be sort  of connected. Both big wins for the Ageless, and both major blows to the Sunswords. And I view them as sort of the "main plots" of season one and two, as both were the big finale events that had been led up to by previous campaigns. 
    But I also appreciate the little side-stories, like in the first sidequest, so I'm down for campaigns that aren't connected to larger plotlines, because those can be just as fun. And hilarious.
  • I want to find out if Patches makes it out from under the sea.
  • I would like to see the cast of the Woodcarvers come back, stories of Abracadab, and another elven family explored (particularly maybe a campaign between the sunswords and the draughwin)
  • Definitely the characters from the tower of ultimate wizardry
  • The fallout from Virgo's death. I wanna know if Leopold/Templeton will do anything about it.
  • Aside from the obvious answer of Tower of Ultimate Wizardry, I'd personally enjoy seeing some of the less prominent dragon aspects and their followers making appearances.
  • I am hoping they will still do something with the Sunsword's keys 
  • I want to see the Monkeyfish King. Gwyneth respected him, K4 lives with him, commands a crazy amount of monkeyfish. I want to know where his power comes from.
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