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One Word Story



  • deadlantis
  • . Finally
  • The story so far:

    "Once again you screwed up and did nothing but kill boredom. DANGER ensues through every crevasse and within many worlds, they eat what ever. We was trying to escape from Death and me. But alas rats found our mouth. When they discover everyone is rotting in Deadlantis, The Grand Boat of Grandor, Somebody Once Told Me The world, was Eternal Bliss. Was it really never our freedom? Until Silly stuff happened, however my love has a believer in accordance you. Blackhole Boobie, Yes I like Ass Ass Fuck. Guys, wow, this Jimmys hate shit Burger King King King King Queen, wow, Whipding Fish and poetry them DANGER! Badlands.

    Start Again. Once More Demons Brown with hammers. Justin has a lightsaber. The Grail Hunter ate the last Kobold scalpel. Karazzim is tasty. And this is currently Krillin fanfic about porcs and every mountain he climbed. Never found acceptance was fair however. Brutal malaria infested Bopen’s smile of STEEL tales and sorrows. Forever echoed though the the DANGER! Slime without memes is just sad. Shrek has found an ageless Shrek the third of Awesemton found. However they summoned dragons with tacos of doom, but mold Coestar on EXP. Then Kobolds with maces and bubbles pizza with their gems. After memes invaded west of cheeseland kobolds so much hungered clay razors waffles. Then Hippies emerged from the ground and kill time with his cheese thorns of happiness and this blue gnome full of beans. Killed myself and the dog with large tracts of blood muffins, and Virgo’s head sat beside Bopen’s grapefruit assortment with prison salad made mommy happy but Bopen also loved Kobold’s stories. Once a long one was spoken softly their door creaked fast and left door open right to moist forest where lover under the Elf nipple. Then caramel was crispy bacon sandwich began launching t-shirts in the dark room because they did EXP for funsies. Meanwhile at Deadlantis Bopen was killed in battle musing danger DANGER by Phineas lover’s smelling butt fumes from death. He was giddy from the EXXXP. Tambok created another timeline where we all became allstars. Hey, untill now kobolds get free pizza with every apple redeemed but elves fucked each other like turtles for years to kill themselves and cleanse the chromosomes tiddlywink after some thing sharted. However ageless and goblins took away my love for trash The goblin business man was doing cocaine inside Eliza foot gnomes doingmy Sister what the paladin Business is gold selling. spending corpses of businessman to fund the rag-tag group of Terence misfits For The Aged cheese Farts are smelling like my Uncle's collection of EXP Bottles from Karazeem well... that's all! See From above death by the millions The Kobolds Alleviated the burden of E.X.P. from My over leveled bucket made GOALS from the rampaging Koala bears and Killer Wombats Psychotropic feral Pobolds so there's something lurking in Deadlantis Which Includes Mike's Giant hard candied cider And Pupbolds oh my god WHAT ADORABLE beauties somebody once said pineapple kthxbye tapioca pudding THE FISH butt from the mortals realm came blasting off again! Meowth Phanto's you are up to good and danger! WILL ROBINSON Danger! Szechuan Karazeem Boooones! Kobold. Cursed to the choppa Nuggets waagh. endless Love spicy Hot cheetos are my lleast attractive common food group Because they make once my plastic Action rifle fire hit cat poop BORRACHOH deutsch KOOOOBOOOOOLLLDDD kobold Anyway... Suddenly I Bopen but then Suddenly there Suddenly but gradually but differently but eventually although but civil shall nonetheless take what you want or dont what so ELEPHANT. Dearly RUN! you ambiguous innuendo For berries of BOOOOONESS and more bones that always Bone in boneitis OUCH. Why are my God The agony TORTURE DANGER! OH my tra cycle nothing? Darkness Santa was waxing poetic shots Wrang out coffee was boiling MEME juice for My Grandpa who always The first sucker kill the witch with Beer and fish MONKEYFISH hate normal people won't jump off the Potato into my fish yogurt  to cash checks in Abracadab 'Dab' but gnomes hate big kobold cock unless from the smalles door in Chihuahuas deadlantis is awesome murder dragons Finally killed those pesky follish FOPHOUSES. Next up Jimmy Fallon the early bug damn"
  • (this is 700 words not 1!)
  • (This story really makes no sense! You people are all mad! MAD I TELL YOU, MAD!)
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