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It's URealms season 10!



  • The Nisovin believers have finally taken over the realm. There's only Nisovins now.
  • I'm sorry what? Guys there has only been three seasons of Urealms, all the donators ran out of money and Rob couldn't afford to make another season. I am surprised people are actually still posting here to be honest.
  • Man, I can't believe it.
    After 10 seasons we finally found out what the kobold's genitals are.
  • The reveal that King Leomaris was the Unforgotten Realms the whole time was shocking.
  • i cant believe philepe was niso the entire time!
  • Kobold genetalia has been teased so many times, and so many boobs have been smithed, that Urealms has to be streamed on Pornhub
  • @Angoman I was drinking water and got my desk wet you butthole
  • i cant believe we didnt forget any thing its almost like it was unforgotten 

  • Man.

    That tournament season.
  • @OldFredBear I know right! Who could have guessed that they looked like that! I'm glad the chat really band together to make the 10k donation for that event!
  • Someone will finally sing the friendship song to save unforgotten realms from goldestandt
  • Everyone has become a Divine Decision winner and now the Order of Chaos board is used for regular discussion. 
  • The ultimate tower of wizardy is really stale and is mostly bs riddles paired with button rooms and they get longer and longer. It’s no longer about puzzles it’s about who’s climbing the tower
    in season 10 nisovin played by coestar, Ghostblade for some reason who’s played by Kevin the new dude, Barry baringster played by deadbones, and the 17th grand paladin xegiem played by Justin. The stream is 12 hours long and it ends with Quintara kicking them out for loitering.
  • @Caprikel All the characters in the realm have thus gone insane as a result of the constant chatter, random nonsense, and strange images of these so-called "memes". 
  • The year is 2032, at the start of the 10th season. Bopen has ascended to the status of divine by taking Golestandt's dead body for his own, joining the ranks of divine, which there are now 26 of. The Divine Decisions are no longer active, after the last one - the decision in which Bopen shattered the fourth wall during his ascension and took the winner for his own. With one of the Old Gods trapped in the world beyond, as it had been taken well out of Rob's hands by the collective powers of the many Divine, both worlds have descended into Chaos. The campaigns still run, but Rob can only narrate what happens in front of him, and how it happens, because if he doesn't, well... there's no telling what would happen if they were left unsupervised. 

    On the plus side, Rob is now a billionaire, as the world's greatest have joined the ranks of the Old Gods in attempts to exercise their power and protect our world. The Order of Chaos boards are the most active boards on the forum, with the many winners of the previous Divine Decisions being employed as ambassadors, negotiating with the Sinned to the best of their abilities. 
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    The year is 2038, the world has descended into complete chaos, and I mean our world, not Urealms. After the previous events, Bopen and Maelstrom have managed to open a portal between Urealms and the real world. Ageless have overrun the world, and in an attempt to wipe them out the world governments launched the nukes.

    We now live in dystopian society scarce spread around the world, and live in constant fear of the new dragon gods of death which preside over us. Food is almost non-existent leading many to give in and become ageless to avoid starving to death. 

    Rob is the only one who is safe now, for some reason they don't attack him. Maybe this is all his doing, maybe Rob was god all along and has brought down divine judgment on this horrible twisted world. Maybe have erected altars to Rob and taken up Robism in hopes that he will have mercy on their souls. 

    Coe, Justin, DB, Roamin, Milbee, and Spiff have all gone missing. Noone has any idea if they too are apart of Rob's terrible plan, or if they were killed in the ageless-human nuclear war. 

    What has this world come to? Please, save us! People of 2018, please you must stop Rob before it's all too late! Don't get wrapped up in the show! It's all just a plot to get your guard down, steal your old god powers, and appear to be a harmless, nerdy show to all the non-old god humans. 

    Oh, but hey we finally got to see what Kobold dicks are like irl! Actually, you know what it's all worth it. Forget everything I said. It's all good. 
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    I can't believe that the last divine decision ever had Justin winning, Too bad that he choose to kick himself off the show.

  • In season 8 it has been revealed that Bopen was really a god and turned into a divine dragon called Bipen. Also every kobold that has an eyepatch is secretley a form of Maelstrom!
  • We finally have Pause back as the gamemaster! He took Rob's place in season 8 but then he went on vacation for a year...
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    *comes back to thread for nostalgia*
    *reads my first post*
    Ah-ha! I knew it all along!
    I was just a few (7) seasons early on my prediction...
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    But what if I'm not and I've just always been a member of the Order Of Chaos and you don't even know? (5% chance of truth)
    What if I've just been Rawb's alt account for the forums? (I'm definitively not)
    what if... I am Maelstrom? (Also 5% chance of truth)

    best part about my original prediction was that I thought he'd become a Divine, but thought that was way too far out, so I used confusing language.
  • @KaeawynShifter
    Hmm, but how could you be Maelstom if he's currently in a whelpling rampage?  Sounds pretty suspicious...
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    you honestly think I he wasn't completely in control, and just trying to end the campaign and get off-screen to enact my his plan without the Old Gods watching?

    PS: you can't do strikethrough on a phone, *the more you know jingle plays*
  • I just like the season 10 and rest all the episodes.
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    Season 9 the final original dwarven king gets killed from a hoard of squids teleporting behind him saying "nothin personel kid" and destroying his shrine.

    Can't believe no one was on squid duty smh
  • I find it crazy that Phillipe was actually dead from before the beginning of the first campaign and was just a hallucination is crazy
  • We know the what the pebble boy class does

  • All kobolds turn out to be Jo Krystaal believers disguised.
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