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It's URealms season 10!

URealms has been going on for 9 seasons, and the 10th season has just started!

What has happened, both in real life and the URealms universe?
(This is all hypothetical, any time lords in the forums please refrain from posting spoilers for URealms season 10)


  • The dragon fly hive mind from Den of Devils takes over the world and everyone is controlled by Valrunga's little worker bees.

  • Wow, I can't believe Gwyneth's great great grand son's cousin half removed from the future who first appeared in season 6 is finally dead!
  • Almost everyone is dead or forgotten, except Galen. The rest of the characters are new.
  • Trandon still hasn't told The Brothers Flannigan the truth about what happened to Reesi, and they're still climbing the tower. They've currently been stuck on about floor 250 for an entire campaign and a half.
  • Members of the Eaglebear Class, added in Season 7, have banded together to fight the Ageless Danger Hat Rat raids.
  • Phineas finally took over the entire universe, bowing to not even the Old Gods as he metamorphosed into a creature of our world and began the slaughter as world dictator... things are NOT looking for for us...

    Wait did you say no spoilers from time lords? Well I'll leave it in a spoiler just in case then.
  • Still no real Bruce Willakers because of that Divine Decision back in Season 2. Remember when those were a thing? (To be clear I would have voted for Gwyneth if I was able to watch it live.)
  • We finally get Tambok's special friend show
  • Maelstrom FINALLY completed that ascension ritual, the Order of Chaos has a new leader now!
    Oh, and Bopen is now on his seventeenth Sunsword Skull, They really like trying to break his skull, even though they remember it not working last time!
  • We still don't have the Snake Master class yet either,despite James appearing in both season 8 and 9.
  • The Monkeyfish King rules the world with an iron fist. The original cast of the ToUW have all died to tragic lava accidents. Talking about that, tragic lava accidents have risen by 200% in the past (insert amount of time). Franky Rosebud is the team lead on the ToUW. The other characters are Rick Snot (having ahem'd his way to shore), Dob, and Cothlin the Behemoth. Death Rolls happen every 10 seconds to keep the game intense, but there are so many ways to avoid deaths it is essentially pointless. 
  • All races except Dwarves are dead. There are a few surviving Gnomes and Elves, but not enough for it to matter much. Less than 500 across the world. It was a freak accident. Maelstrom, having gained the powers of the Scrolls of the Sandbold, works together with his Murder Brother Chimera, and attacked Phineas Barringster, at this point the Grand Ageless Order.

     Long story there...

    Anyway, Phineas cast a Blanket of Darkness across the entire planet, exterminating anyone who was not underground. That's how Dwarves survived. Anyone on the surface became an Ageless Thrall, focused on purging the few remaining Dwarven Shrines.

    I think Rob is working on integrating the Dwarves vs Zombies lore.
  • Season 10 has James replacing Roamin, who accidentally creates the most powerful character in the game with the Eaglebear Class
  • @Ninjathis Oh wow, this. Didnt expect that connection. Talk about my permanent headcanon now  :)
  • My 'Hopen for Bopen' hoodie that I ordered at the end of season one finally arrives, sadly I have outgrown it and moved several times, making it difficult for the family that now lives in my old house to track me down and give it to me. The hoodie now hangs on my wall next to the copious amounts of URealms posters. Once I have a child they will wear the hoodie, but not yet... not yet...
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    Ultimate tower of wizardry is still going, it is hell. Where the 63rd floor would be there was a fire. The elevator to the top broke and everything’s horrible in general.
  • We get closer on where gnomes came from
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    well you see, Rob was sick for all of season 5, so every campaign was him on cold medicine. It was interesting. During this, Rob rain of terror could not be stop, and all of Coe characters that where created before season 5 where destroy completely. Even Fetch the Water because Rawb forgot to fetch the water with him in campaing 9, where they where even on a boat, on the lagoon of infinity (It was in a dreamworld of ToUW that NIsoven created). Speaking of ToUW, the original crew made it to the top in seasion 4, and Trandon Barringster ask Quintara Lotus to destroy the tower. She threw all of them down the stairs. They been falling for the last 5 and a haft URealms year. How long is a URealm year you ask, we still dont know. 
  • We will finally get the redemption story on Patches, as he and his army of Ageless Revolutionaries fight Bopen and his army of Ageless.

    Oh, and we finally get to see what happened to that one guy in Season 7.45, interesting stuff.
  • In season 7 we see with creation magic Kolbolds are able to reproduce with other races, but Phanto's scales have to be rubbed on their "fur" first. Other than that several new races were introduced such as the mighty Sky-gyts and Mimic-believers, but due to some unfortunate 20s and 1s they no longer exist...... On a brighter note in season 8.5 (the side quest within a side quest) Bopen has unified the Grand Paladin Order to combat the Order of Chaos in a long series of complicated events (4 of which were divine decisions and 2 were donation events). 
  • So the elves finally succeed in their master plan to reverse time back to the hatching in season 8, making the beenu race come alive again. Unfortunately this means every character born after the birth of magic no longer exists. Honestly without death rolls now and every campaign being about Beenu, elves and highbears living in utopia I've started getting a bit bored with Urealms. Though that donation event spawning a goblin last campaign was interesting I don't understand how it fits in the lore and Rob just said "a wizard did it".
  • Phineas is dead 
  • The Barringsters replaced the Sunsword seat at the council and were subsequently wiped out by the sunswords for being traitors. Trandon is now the only Barringster left as he is still climbing the ToUW. 
    Talking about ToUW: every campaign they did in the tower, coestars internet dropped. He has never been able to play as any character climbing the tower for more then an hour. 
  • It was revealed in season five campaign one that the Order of Chaos was actually a group of beings created by the Old Gods, and they swept through the land doing as they please, interfering with campaign after campaign until Rob got tired of having freelancers in his world and smited them all
  • The Beenu never really died out, rather,they combined their DNA with a bears so they could gain the ability to reproduce. They were named eaglebears by the post hatching beings. In season 7, this lore became cannon and eaglebear became a class. The ageless have been training skilled hat rat assassins that could do the raiding for them. campaign 5 was about eaglebear paladins fighing off hat rat raids.
  • @KaeawynShifter

    Bopen the skeleton king: Plunderinrg shrines since season 2
  • Vitali Zankovich is still alive somehow (We've tried to kill him 500000 times but he keeps living due to the player characters being so strong)
  • Wow, to thought that Rick Snot was just Bopen in a costume the whole time.
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