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Ask a Urealms BTS artist!

Hey everyone!

I talked with @Meganzoor@Irishxlily , and @RainbowCrisp ;and we decided it would be fun to have a thread where you can ask us stuff. Obviously we're not going to give away any spoilers, so don't try it!  :o

But if you're curious about our process or programs we use, here's the thread to ask!

Please @ the person you want to direct your question to so we'll get a notification :)

For those who don't know what we do:
Meganzoor: Animatics, Maps, Puppet Pals, Super Moderator
Lily: Designer for T Shirts, Posters, Artist for Companions
Sixelona: Donations animator, character artist
Rainbowcrisp: Colorist for animations, keeps Sixelona away from distractions


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    @Sixelona ;
    @Meganzoor ;
    @Irishxlily ;
    @RainbowCrisp ;
    To all : Who among you, do you think is the better artist? >_<
  • @Gterra2 banned for trying to spark hatred between the gal pals!! oh wait, wrong thread ;>.>
  • @Meganzoor can you give some behind the scenes for the Bopen vs. Virgo animatic? Like how long did it take you to make and what program did you use? I've never seen an animatic before and I thought it was really cool!
  • @Sixelona @Meganzoor @Irishxlily @RainbowCrisp ;
    Whats all your opinions on the kobold dick thread? Any input?
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    Do you listen to any songs while you work?
  • @Irishxlily *snaps fingers in frustation* Oh Hat Rats, I'll get you next time URealms artists! *Twirls Villainous moustache and leaves in a hot air balloon"
  • @Sixelona How does one become a "Master Boobsmith"?
  • @Angoman Sorry brain does not compute this request

    @dart - I tend to put on comedies to listen to, or listen to old Urealms campaigns. It helps me concentrate.
  • @sbDjango Work for Rob, draw boobs in animations, bonus points for dvergr dvergr tiddies, support all types of boobs
  • Which urealms characters do you relate the most too?
  • @Meganzoor ;
    Which map was your favorite to draw?
  • @Meganzoor ;
    @Sixelona ;
    @RainbowCrisp ;
    @Irishxlily ;

    What is your favorite race/creature to draw or just in general and why?

  • @Sixelona As far as character art is concerned, what exactly is the focus going to be going forward? Are you going to be focusing on the new campaigns and then try to go back to the older characters as and when you have to time or something else? A bonus to make things more interesting, one that is also relevant to @Meganzoor and @Irishxlily , I'd imagine: Which character/companion did you find the most challenging to draw, in terms of anything really, whether that be in terms of detail or coming up with good concept art or other more technical things I'm unaware of.
  • @Dart Probably Rhedmun. I'm kind of meek and let people push me around :( I have no spine...
    @UncleMuscles I'm old and I've been drawing for a long time. Practice, my dude. Also have like a ton of folders with reference art in them. 
    @pillowpower99 I love drawing Keen gnomes, followed by porcs, followed by kobolds
  • @Sixelona I've lingered in a few of your live streams recently and I wondered if you do any Urealms art outside of twitch?
  • @TinyBomby The animatics are more of a teamwork thing. I mainly do the art and someone else helps me put it together and have it all set up with the sounds. Rob and I worked together on the Bopen one and Haunter and I worked together on the preview for the Grand Paladin Order. The wiki team also helps a ton by providing all the stuff that happens in each campaign.

    Animatics take a lot of time, even the preview took weeks.
  • @Bevan I'm hoping to draw every campaign character as well as important NPCs. This will be in-between working on animations.

    The vhark was hard at first, just because I was lost on how to make a 'vulture shark'. I like it a lot now. In terms of characters, I think Virgo because I'm still learning how to draw more masculine characters and I want him to look like the bad ass he is.

    I have a feeling Rehdmun will be tricky, because the hat and markings
  • @kreeperkiller63 Thanks for coming to my streams <3

    I doodle Urealms art from time to time on notepad paper and stuff. Sometimes I post the doodles on twitter. 

    A lot of art you wont see on twitch, like animations. Too many spoilers.
  • @Meganzoor @Sixelona @RainbowCrisp @Irishxlily ;
    I was once watching Nick Graves do a livestream where he said that drawing Deadbones was the "worst" because he could never draw the teeth in the same way twice. 
    Do any of you have any similar hangups? Where you can't draw something consistently, or have one little detail you can never get right?
  • @Sixelona @Irishxlily @Meganzoor @RainbowCrisp ;
    What in all of your URealms art/animation are you proud of the most?

  • @Emperor I think my #1 favourite map was the most recent one for the Grand Paladin Order. I had a lot more time than I usually do to work on it and I got to spend extra time on details. I had also drawn a scene from the same location in the preview animatic for that campaign so it was cool using my own art as a reference for that map.

    I think my #2 favourite map would be the Tower of Ultimate Wizardry because the variety of different rooms was really fun.

    I love drawing little details, so anything with towns and houses to fill up with little furniture is fun for me. I also like drawing plants n shit.
  • @Gatling_Tech I heavily stylized deadbones so I could draw him easier. But I would totally have the same issue if I did a more anatomically correct deadbones skull.

    I'm really bad at drawing armor. Basically inorganic objects. But I have improved. Animating it, though, is a massive challenge for me...

    @Astora I am very proud of my Bopen reveal animation in Fall of Dundinborough because so many people were basically going 'WTF'

    I'm pretty proud of my art for Are'ani. She was a bit more complicated and I think she turned out pretty good.
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    @Angoman Imma pure innocent soul who does not comprehend such questions (I don't really have an input xD)
    @Dart I do listen to music, but sometimes all listen to podcasts like The Adventure Zone or Critical Role. Sometimes i listen to the ramblings of the Midnight screening reviews by Brad on Youtube. I try to keep things changing so I don't end up listening to the same things over and over again
    @UncleMuscles Practice, perseverance, determinations, references, and practice. You can also learn by watching others draw on livestreams. And practice.

  • @Sixelona @Irishxlily @Meganzoor @RainbowCrisp ;

    So as you all are artists are there any types of media or art styles that inspire you or give you direction when making your masterpieces for Urealms? Like animes, movies, maybe even songs, etc...
  • @pillowpower99 I like drawing gnomes because they're real teeny and have giant ears. I'm also excited to eventually draw mermaids now that they are canon.

    @Bevan I struggle with drawing kobolds sometimes, Sixelona has helped me a bit :kawaii: 
  • @Sixelona I'd love to learn more about how you shade, because that continues to be a bit of a problem from me. I'm decent at traditional art and shading with charcoal, and have decent anatomy from figure drawing experience and such, but translating that into working with color digitally has occasionally been a strug. Any tips? (I use photoshop and a wacom tablet)
  • @Astora I still probably most proud of the Dragon Aspect Mural. So many satisfying details, and unique designs for each dragon. Took a long time but i had fun with it all the way through.
  • @Irishxlily what do you think of Jimmy Blant
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