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New Forums Appreciation Thread

Just wanted to say I like the fact that Rob (and the others behind the scene) care enough to make and maintain a forum for the community. Not every youtuber/streamer is going to spent time developing something like this.

With the rolling of gold and these  dice, they went above and beyond.


  • Hell yeah

    Rob and the team truly are dedicated and these Forums are already proving to be great!(and this is before most of the YouTube audience gets here too!)
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    I love it here! I've never been at the dawn of a new forum, so I'm glad I get to experience it with this community :D

    And seriously, Rawb and the team have outdone themselves, this was most certainly worth the wait!
  • the art is so pretty. huge props to @Meganzoor @Sixelona @Irishxlily and whoever else did art for the website.
  • It is so amazing! I love how well it brings the community together :smileporc: 

  • I am still hype from seeing that this forum is up and running. :D Loving it that now there is a easy place to share things and chat with other urealms fans. The dice is one of my favorite things for the moment.

    Thank you rob for carrying to brighten our days! 
    Gives out hugs  
  • Agreed, here. There are obviously still improvements that could be made, and the site is kind of slow (for me, at least), but I can appreciate all that's went into this. It's pretty darn cool.

    That said, rolling a  in your comment is easily one of the funnest features of the comments, in my opinion.
  • @Sixelona Did you draw the emotes or was that another artist? Because these might be my favorite thing :smilebold: 
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