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Custom Campaigns! (on YouTube)

I have seen many people post threads that mention their own custom campaigns. Personally I DEFINITELY want to do one, and upload it to YT (if allowed?) By common sense I would think that uploading our own campaigns using our own custom assets & the mod (when released) would be fine, but I always like to be sure. I have spent a LONG time thinking through many campaign ideas and getting people to create assets for them, uploading it to YT would provide (hopefully) entertainment to some, and ways of remembering those epic moments in a campaign. This Discussion is to (hopefully) clarify any doubts or queries people like me have about uploading a campaign (or multiple) to YT. Obviously I would credit my artists & Rob's team (great work on everything btw!) Thanks o/


  • Legally there is no reason why you cannot use a free mod for a game that is not tied to the mod creators at all and make content with it so go ahead on that. The only problems I can think of is people using it to some how copycat the show but even that has no real rules against doing such a thing. 

    Feel free to prove me wrong this is all just my simple understanding of copyright and intellectual property laws which is extremely limited.
  • That makes sense to me too! Thanks!
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