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More Dank Memes plz

Doesn't have to be urealms, just hit me with your dankest memes and i'll rank it out of some number based on my personal opinion, because thats totally a fair system of judgment. Give me the Memes. WHERE IS THE DONG DANK


  • Me and my URealms friend had a meme based on the NPC kobold characters.
    It started with an innocent neck stretching of Glive (White kobold)

    But then the end result was this.

    I sent 1 image at a time of each one moving and had a small like, for example this ended when the blue kobold stretched down and said "Wait, wheres malthis?" (Malthis = the kobold with stretched body and arms.)

    I can't post what happened since it all happened 1 picture at a time, but I can tell you a meme was born, especially one based on Glive.
    I don't know if this is dank enough for you, but on our discord this was the shit. And still is.
  • +20 for Internal Jokes Amonsgt friends, Yay Friendship!
    +30 for yay friendship!
    +10 for i'm tired
    ~20 kobolds
    +45 for NPCs
    +20020 for innocent
    - math for not posting all the pictures in one huge discussion thread, Kobold Meck Stretch Meme,  and crashing the website due to dank meme overload

  • @Dart
    I can get more stretching neck memes we have, not now, one must wait to receive dank kobold neck stretching memes
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