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Hypethread for Fluffbold

@Sixelona ;

ALL HAIL THE FLUFFBOLD! The 'bold that is not only a Kobold, but a FLUFF!


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    the fluff shall arrive. come watch the creation
  • Fluffbold is actual an acronym

    F -  For
    l   - the
    u - last
    f  - time
    f  - we
    b - aren't
    o - lewding
    l  - the
    d - fluffbold
  • Still can't believe Six took my suggestion for the Fluffbold  >:)  cant wait to see the finishing results!

  • So fluffbolds are a thing I doodled up.

    Basically kobolds, but extra fluffy and chubby and tend to live in colder regions.
  • I love them already :3 
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    I love them
    so fluffy
    i just want to hug them
  •  i wanted to draw a fluffbold so i pulled a random attribute and pulled overweight soo
  • @Sixleona  My god... they're SO FLOOFY! D=  Thank you for this wondrous thing! 
  • @Bonsai Oh god your adorable art just killed me, I love it so much
  • Kobold scum! but they are kinda cute! BUT STILL KOBOLD SCUM!
  • Fluff Bold Passive: "You always roll 2 dice, take half damage from fire and ice spells, and can draw 6 random armors to wear for your character"
  • I know they are just a fan made species, but I love the Fluffbolds I have seen others draw <3
  • @Sixelona I mean, they can be a real species; someone just needs to pick Kobold and make them chubby and thick furred in game. I'm looking at you, Coe and/or Deadbones (They're the most likely of the 2 to do so).
  • Wow, this really is the best thing since sliced bread
  • the annoying lore issue is that we don't quite know how kobold "fur" works, only that it's magnetic and made from rocks. Could fur grow long without either becoming brittle and snapping off, or from merging and making the kobold be covered in rock plates rather than "fur"?

    Chubby kobold works, but they'd not be fluffy. To be fluffy, they'd have to be some semi-related but separate species.
  • @puffaliaz I said this on another thread, but I remember the Lore Cards saying that Kobold Fur takes on the Properties of the Kobold's Diet. Since a Kobold that mainly eats Rocks would have Rocky fur, a Kobold that eats mainly meat could indeed get fluffy fur (if my thinking is right in that eating meat from furred animals grows normal fur).
  • @friskyBrisky which lore cards? the wiki and what I recall from the show is that the fur is definitely always rock, but the appearance varies. From the wiki:
    " They have an outer layer of rock and mud that gives them the appearance of fur. This appearance allows them to blend into surrounding mountains and rocky terrain. The Kobold genealogy is affected by the geological location in which they are born, causing Kobolds in desserts to become Sandbolds and ones in snowy areas to become Snowbolds."

    These rocky materials vary in colors from various red hues to even charcoal grey. As a Kobold ages, their rock fur beings to lose its pigment and begin to appear grey, as seen with Bromas. It is unknown what designates the hue of the fur nor how the pigment can fade."

    The type of rock pigments change based on area, but the mechanism is unknown, and the material is always rock.

    It would be fun if it was material based on diet, because then if we had seafaring kobolds that lived on fish, they might have scales... seabolds. heh.
  • Quit trying to ruin the amazingness that are the Fluffbolds :frownporc: 
  • Seabolds may... Actually be pretty interesting.

    Aren't DnD kobolds reptilian?
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    The Fluffbold race 
  • yeah, dnd kobolds are like mini weak dragon things
  • @brownhair798 i forgot the 2 dice part, so i fixed it

  • @puffaliaz The Lore Cards from Season 2, which you could look at during the Campaigns, although I don't have the best remembrance of them in all honesty. I definitely remember the Lore Card about Kobolds who ingest Dragon Silver going insane from it, though. Sadly, they were neither added to the Wiki or kept on the Websites Card List.

    Also, the Wiki needs a lot of updating and fixing, and I'd view the lore from the Wiki very cautiously, because a lot of it can be very outdated.
  • I think a fluffbold avatar would be very popular.
  • I... I might consider buying a fluffbold avatar instead of Kinney or Romulus...
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