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So who do you think is gonna be a special guest in future campaigns?



  • We will get nisovin and millbee, that is it
  • I think it would be the most unusual guest of all time on the show.... a female
  • @TakiHimora that cant be possible!! *le gasp*
  • @TakiHimora

    ...That gives me an idea.


  • @brownhair798 @Meganzoor @Irishxlily @Haunter @Sixelona ;

    the perfect campaign, Roamin would animate in ms paint
  • @brownhair798 is haunter gonna text to speech the entire 8 hours
  • Rob specifically said we'd see Millbee, Nisovin, and 'Special Guests'. So I'm gonna say the likeliest is Pause, and maybe we'll get an Etho.
  • as long as haunter only uses text to speech the whole time
  • @polutropos that would actually be really funny
  • I'm hedging my bets on someone from the Nuren campaign, and also maybe dadbee?
  • @brownhair798 And the main cast takes over their jobs! Deadbones makes the map, Justin edits the videos, Coe does the shirt, and Roamin does the animations.
  • I really hope they add some female players to the show
  • @Maky ;


    @haunter, make it happen!
  • @Maky confirmed for the 11th campaign
  • Ooh, maybe it can be a donation campaign!
  • @CookiesAndMil_ If we get Etho.... There is no way. Etho had little time to do DvZ before let alone a whole campaign. Plus, seeing ol' pg Etho sitting, listening to Roamin talk about... uh.. anything really just seems so weird lol. 
  • @josh__ab I would love Jake Kaufman to join them for another campaign. His bard game was on point in the Nuren one and it seemed like he was having a good time too. (Plus maybe, just maybe a mini Urealms album made by the one and only *wink* *wink*)

    If I have to bet though I would put it on Robs brother. He seems pretty cool and made collab work with him before.
  • @Frostedbanana Oh I agree it probably won't happen, it's a dream guest kind of thing.

    We might get Jake again who was in Nuren which would be dope, and another dream guest scenario would be to have Arin on again but Rob's talked about how he would prefer not to have anyone from larger fanbases as they could drown out the rest of us.

    Crendor being on would be awesome as well.
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    @CookiesAndMil_  Or Guude.... Who knows :P (RIP GuudeWillies)
  • Egoraptor for special guest.
  • Considering who Rob would and wouldn't want to be on his show, I think Jake Kaufman and Pause as the Special Guests is the best bet. Personally, I'd support both of them being in Campaigns. I'd also be curious into seeing who wouldn't be in because the Puppet Program can only support 5 People (I'd guess Coe would be out for Pause, and maybe Deadbones would be out for Jake?)
  • Maybe Sixelona? 
  • What about Necomi? i would love to see Coe and Necomi in a campaign together!  :)
  • I want to... Wait a sec, if we do get Etho, which I really hope we do, there will most certainly be a 'Friendship Song' donation event to give Etho a Whelpling! A Friendship Whelpling! Also if we throw Pause in, and take out Coe and Justin to put in Etho and Pause, we can totally do an epic Paladin DVZ campaign! (I mean, I know we already did... but maybe one more like Fall of Dundenborough, where they all inevitably die)
  • @KaeawynShifter I love Dundinborough and GPO, but I don't think we should have another DvZ like campaign so soon, unless it's near the end of the season and done differently enough.
  • I think it will be people like milbee, pause, and etho but the dream player for me would be Matt Mercer.
  • i honestly can't see etho being a guest, not just because he seems a little too PG for this but also i just can't see him sitting down and playing for 6-8 hours. it just doesn't seem like his kinda thing
  • one thing that may help to figure out the guests is to think what campaigns will happen for example we know there is gonna be an elven city campaign with nisovin and a kobold campaign with the normal cast 
  • I'm personally imagining it'll be Crendor. Him and Rob do stuff together and are friends anyways, and he meshes well with the other guys (See: old TTT videos).
  • Most likely Milbee
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