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  • @TakiHimora, hey; and yes, I did say I was hoping to.. but I have no control over the current situation... so here I will sit until a time comes where I'm allowed to leave I guess, ha hah. Oh well, it gives me more time to have some interactions with other patients, as well as hopping on here to speak to anyone when I have the chance.

    I've said all I can really on Deadbones, but yeah, I feel the exact same way. There's not enough good things I could say about how I enjoy watching him play; even if he's just playing a background character to the others, he still does it well.

    Watching those videos is definitely nice, same with a lot of the Behind the Scenes videos Rawb gives us. I usually find myself turning them on to listen in the background... just to stop whatever I'm doing, finishing the rest of the video - now with my full attention - and then, and only then continuing with what I was doing. It's practically a ritual at this point lol
  • That's a bummer as I said before I know that feeling from when I last was in the hospital. I think I was there for 3 weeks but my parents said it was only 1 so not sure. But staying in the bed most of the time and not having access to real tv channels was driving me nuts.

    i totally understand dropping everything in doing to watch his videos. I found his urealms stuff about two months ago and haven't done or watch anything but his videos. Now I just watch his videos and game at the same time.
  • Ha hah, it can get addicting, right? I'm actually really enjoying some of the content others have mentioned prior, tbh, and it's keeping me busy. I don't have much downtime, so it's nice for me as of current

  • Yeah right now I'm rewatching the season 2 for the second time and also watching his lords of minecraft videos that were also very good. I don't know anything about staying busy other then work. Today I'm off and plan to not do anything.
  • I can understand that. I'm going a bit stir-crazy myself here. But there's enough content to check out when the chance arises. Plus, being able to have conversations with everyone when I get on is definitely nice =)
  • Still no good news? That sucks you should pray to the light that seems to work most of the time. lol well whatever helps you get through the day. I would go crazy with all the sitting around. I just have that kind of patience anymore.
  • hello! how are you? also since everyone has stated theirs, my two favorite cast members are Coe and Justin. they always seem to push for funny.
  • Greetings nice idea for a thread currently on a work placement in France and finding it hard enough to talk to people certainly no one around that I could explain and then discuss urealms with. My favourite player when the show started out was roamin and too this day his love of Long winded stories still makes me smile. However coe has just been nailing it so much recently that it's hard to not love the guys characters. So many of them are genuinely nice guys which is very unusual for urealms for a character. My favourite campaign is probably woodcarvers as it gave us Jormer, his snake friend and his special boy. (so props to Justin as well, I guess all I've established here is that my favourite player is not deadbones so would I'm afraid we differ there) I also like the fall of dundinborough. I feel those were the two campaigns were I enjoyed all the characters the most although let's face it James Brings steals the show in that one. 

    As for outside the show I'm a primary education student and I'm currently working as an English language assistant in France with mixed success due to the quality of my French. I spend my free time either role playing 13th age or dnd mostly with a urealms spin on it if I'm DMing or playing the pokemon. I also enjoying reading and writing. Mainly attempts at humorous parodies or short songs (at least they're supposed to be humourous) which recently lead to me writing a parody of Bopen singing let it go which is on the forums somewhere if u want to have a look at it :) 

    Hope ur out of hospital soon :) 
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