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What's your profile pic, or one you want and why?

Hail, Mighty heroes lovely ladies and little baby squires squires. it is high time we do this thing so lets get this started,

I my self i'm a simple Dverger Boy who needed a good profile pic and as I was looking over them I seen this one and boy did I think to my self dammmmmnnnnnnn that's a fine dwarf, for the most unfortunate of our people grow stones under the skin, I once known of a young boy by the name of jimmy who had a mountains of a bicep, well mostly because he had a rock growing in them But it looked like Jimmy could lift like 3 elephelk elephelk! Anyway I happen to have them in a place that was uhhh well lets just say my rock shakes bring all the dwarfs to the yard yard.


  • Mccoy and Borracho are my favorite characters in both seasons. (Bearo is number 3.) So I used my #NOTricks Gold for both of them.
  • Ca-Rell is best Lieutenant Captain
  • For right now, I'm Female Elf because I like how she looks and I look pretty similar IRL (will probably dress up as my icon at one point tbh) but I have plans to buy Gwyneth, Neena, and Kinney. Then I'll rotate between all four. it'll take awhile, but whatever. I love all of the strong women of Urealms. (Both because they're hot af and because they're awesome!) 
  • Currently, i'm a male dwarf, because i think he looks cool, and my name used to be Dart_Dwarf in MC, so its a throwback. 

    I want Reno Gillgully, so people will know my awesome looks and i stand for Peace, Truth and Love. 
  • I want Maelstrom do I even have to say anything? The name speaks for itself.
  • I want a krungor, bopen, or high bear but there isn't one so sad there isn't a Dave ether
  • I just love Kobolds from the original Unforgotten Realms , so I want them all!
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