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Congratulations Adventurer!

You have just climbed to the top of the Tower Of Ultimate Wizardry, what floor would you like to add to the tower?


  • A floor where you think you reached the top, but the way to get to the next floor is to give your idea for a new floor. Easy floor, yes, but it would piss people off :)
  • I'd like to add a proper gift shop.
  • @brownhair798
    Where you too could buy a little piece of Reesi.
  • 500$ OF FAILURE @DoctorWorm
  • edited June 2017
    Giant circle cut into Sixths, elemech in each one of a different element. Killing one gives you the weakness of another but it doesn't tell you which, and a sign saying. "You may fight these in any order".
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    A casino and bar with arcade. Cause I wanna be nice to future climbers... Just don't release the show Tiger
  • A room with 2 cliffs and a tightrope, if you fall you go back to floor one of the tower
  • A floor where you simply drink a potion and go onto the next floor, in the time it takes you to get to the next floor, it will activate. The potion will make you say the opposite of what you actually want to say. Just to troll the next person who completes it. 
  • I would like to add a Portal Floor. basically, multiple floors. Portals. Which portal is the right one? some portals might lead to other rooms in the tower. Some might lead to the realm of holding. Some might lead to a floor ten stories up. Who knows. 
  • A cafe with a relaxation centre and all sorts of other shit like that. In order to get to the next floor tho you need to take a shit in a golden toilet.
  • A massive slingshot that just throws a Pot Puppy with a Tambok ticket inside its mouth into a furnace and the furnace door closes, locked with magic. #NoTricks
  • A big bath tub with a bunch of keys at the bottom, the door out isn't locked.
  • A staircase with a door at the end, but everytime you cross it you enter another staircase of different design. The only way to progress is to go down. A bit easy, I know, but not every room can be puzzle hell.
  • I add an elevator that leads to the top of the tower, but once it gets there there's no actual doorway out, just a portal back to the start of the tower. The walls are antimagic/antiteleport and also indestructible.
  • A floor filled with statues of the same person. Among them is the real person you need to catch so you can go the next room. The catch is that the person keeps doing his trick which is turning into a similar statue of which the room is filled with and become alive using another statue that was already there.
  • A floor filled with lots of dust, as a living room with furniture. The goal is to remove every particle of dust from the room. Including those that are simply flying through the air.
  • A room with a large pit in the middle, about fifty feet wide and square. There is a walkway around the pit, and the portal is clearly visible on the other side. But the pit is fifteen feet deep and full of cats, there is an obviously magical sword in a pedestal in the center. The cats are aggressive to anyone who steps into the pit, and their bites will turn you into another cat. The sword is completely non-magical and non-essential to getting past the floor.
  • A floor with a believer Quintara Lotus...who believes this is the top floor. The only way to go to the next floor is convince her that she is a believer or she is defeated. 
  • This room will only manifest once four people have reached it.
    The first person will be transformed into a pot of gold.
    The second person will be transformed into a goblin and take on their stereotypes.
    The third person will be transformed into an elf and take on their stereotypes.
    The fourth person will become a ferryman who rides a boat over a bottomless river of deathwater.
    The boat can only hold two people (Or one person and a pot of gold) at a time.
    The portal will only activate once all four adventurers have reached the other side alive. (If the gold is stolen from the pot then that person will die.)
    Should any one person die, then all four will be dragged into the bottomless river by Behemoth Tentacles.

  • It's a library! It's not really a trap, but it's a record keeping room. In order for the exit to open, each adventurer must write a short story detailing something that happened in their life. I just really want to hear people's stories! 
  • it's literally just a rubix cube
  • A floor full of treasure but all the treasure is imaginary and the portal for the next floor is already open and in the middle of the room.
  • @SugarSmear
    Does the ferrymen know the the other three are what they are? Any indication that this is what the room does or what needs to be done? I assume you are trying to recreate the sheep, wolf and grain puzzle. (The Elf will kill the goblin if left alone, and the goblin will steal gold if left alone...with that in mind the way to solve it is to take the goblin across first (leave him there), then you bring the pot of gold and take the goblin back and leave him and bring the elf across return with no one and bring the goblin acorss for one last time.) 
  • @SinfallI I think the transformed people will have very familiar features to themselves. They'll all be able to talk among themselves but their transformed nature will override their actions.
  • @StealthInel Well crap. I should look at more than the front page of the search function...
  • A floor made out of chocolate and love :D
  • I would design a room that had two pools running through the room one red and one blue. If you are an expert at the darker magicks (Arcane, Dark, Ice) you would go into the blue pool and would be taken to the next room. If you were expert with the lighter magics (Fire, Light, Earth) you would jump into the red pool. If you an expert in both or neither you could jump into either of them. If you are an expert in one but jump into the wrong pool you summon elemental attuned to the pool that you went into. hope you all enjoyed!!
  • @DoctorWorm it's fine I've been on the site almost every other day since it released lol. I just happened to remember that one. :smile: 
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