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Website Improvements

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This seems like the best place to put this thread, but if someone thinks it should be elsewhere, my apologies.

This is a thread dedicated to ways this site can be improved. This is not a thread for site errors, as there is already a thread for that.
I'm making this thread because as soon as I set up my account I realized two things that I would like added:
-Ability to link Reddit account to URealms account
-Ability to link Twitter account to URealms account

Also a suggestion that I came up with while browsing the forums, that would probably take a lot more work:
-"Badge" in bottom-right (or top-left) of the forum icons (like the Level is in the bottom-left) representing Art, the Wiki, Writing, or other such aspects of community interactions. These would allow users to have themselves permanently associated with a certain aspect of the community, and could also be an additional item to spend Gold on.

(As a note to anyone thinking of contributing to this, it should be obvious but shall be said, dont go recommending massive overhauls to the site, it would be a little disrespectful to suggest massive changes when the thing just came out)


  • I think that being able to like posts would be awesome too
  • The × to delete drafts could be contrasted up a bit, it's hard to notice at first. 
  • To expand on @Coconut 's suggestion, being able to "react" to posts in the same way you can on stuff like github, slack, discord, etc. would be really awesome.

    Also, a way to delete your own posts. You can edit, but not delete them.
  • It would be nice to have a reminder not to have Urealms related names when you sign up.
  • @btg99 I mean, it's listed in the rules which are pinned to the top in an announcement no matter what page you are, and therein it states you can have it changed no problem. Sure having it stated on the Account Creation page would be nice but it's not like it's a completely missing feature.
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    The ability to add a bio to your profile would be pretty nice. Also, there should probably be a link to the card creator on the "Custom Cards and Assets" forum.

    Something more ambitious might be a search function that could search within forums/subforums/threads/user content/etc. I know effective search algorithms aren't easy, but maybe it can be something to work toward.
  • It would be cool if we could filter posts by most views, comments and by date.
  • I think there should be a Suggestions section under "The Meta" if not. My only current suggestions are, well, that, and to offer an "about me" area on profiles or something along those lines and perhaps a private friends list so you can keep tabs on what your mates are up to. I'm not a fan of public fan lists as it gets kinda clique-y.
  • I would love the option to quote posts.
    quoting as post formatting already exists, but there doesn't seem to be a button to automatically copy, format and link back to the original post

  • Fanfiction getting its own spot so we aren't spamming up the Fanart section would be great. There's a few fic writers in the community, and they deserve love too :heart:
  • Potentially a chatroom? Some way to interact live with the rest of the community
  • @Bakkidza If someone does decide to make a chatroom, I recommend Chatango. Super easy to set up and almost as easy to embed
  • An issue I've been having as I navigate the new space is that I find it difficult to discern which threads and posts I've looked at or not. When viewing sections the threads are sorted by date of the most recent post, which means that someone could have added one reply to a thread I've already looked at 1 hour ago and pushed a newly created thread down the list to where I can't tell by looking at it whether I've seen it previously. 
    A "You viewed this last on: date" tag or a way to sort posts by date of thread creation would certainly aid me in keeping the information of the forums from becoming too overwhelming. 

    I also support the idea of the aforementioned affiliation badges, I think those would add a lot of distinction for community members to pursue. And good luck to those who would be the ones to implement all these crazy ideas, it's easy for us to demand stuff and ignore the effort involved :heart: 
  • With the new QnA board, I would like a way to specifically ignore the Recent Discussions from specific boards. I don't care about seeing the 5 recent questions on topics not interesting and not likely to prompt discussions
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    I have an addition to this thread now that the Players page exists. There should be a "Back To Players" link on each specific Players' pages. Sure I can hit back in my browser but there should really be an in-page way to direct back.
  • @Davrial ;

    You kinda said it yourself. You can just hit back!
  • @Rob because it's good web design to have everything link up properly. the user should never have to rely on the browser for the website to function naturally. It's not like it would be difficult to implement.
  • The ability to change your name would be appreciated
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