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Rob why can't we delete threads?

edited June 2017 in Offtopic
Why do we not have tools to delete threads?


  • This actually is a good question! What if I make a thread, but later want to get rid of it? Also, just a side note, can we even close our own threads?
  • Perhaps others might want to use the thread still.
  • Once you make a thread, it should stay on the forums forever. You typed it up and it should log it in for everyone to see and remember.
    Once it gains people who write on it, it's not just the OP's anymore. It's everyone's.
    Also if you do something that breaks the rules, it should be able to be used as evidence for something like a suspension or ban.
    If the OP of the Kobold dick thread deleted the entire thread, all the of the tens of pages of replies would disappear, and it would have been like the conversations and theories they had didn't exist at all. You can always edit your thread if you realize it is unhelpful or worthless in merit, and say "Please ignore this" as many others do.
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