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What's your personal URelms unofficial lore?



  • I personally view the Dragon Aspects more as religious deities, than just powerful wizards. I've been meaning to make a big analytical thread on it, but haven't gotten around to it yet!
  • @walter now THIS is what we're going for! What are Gembolds like? Are they shiny? :O
  • @TamTroll some can be made completely of gems others are stone(normal) with just bits of gems sticking out of them or the possibility of geode kobalds
  • @walter ahh sounds neat. guess it's more a magical thing then any sort of biology thing then? :P
  • @TamTroll kobalds have biology?
  • @walter Well... there's an entire thread about kobold dicks. so i'd assume they have some form.
  • The Kobold Duke is also a Bandit, but not in his own country. Ps. I am kobold duke
  • In my own lore I have with some people on discord we've got alot of things, so i'ma just put some of the main ones. Which are mostly just new races.

    Nightmares: Theses are beings that are unknown of how they're here in the realm, what is most known is originally you could only see them if you were more on the insane side, for example in don't starve on how you lost enough sanity you saw hallucinations, but over time enemy NPCs have made them become common, they're strong and become brutal to deal with if in packs, there are multiple versions of them, such as: Stalker, Horrified, Hunter and Nightmare Lord. The nightmare lord isn't created as a nightmare and can be anyone who is a nightmare or turned into one.

    Doggos: Originally more as a joke, theses adorable creatures are pot puppies that have evolved, they're like kobolds with their canine features, but lean more towards dog like and have actual fur. Unlike Kobolds it's obvious what dicks they have. So far mainly one person has been using this and I decided to help out and make one of the main NPC a doggo, which actually fits his personality.

    Giant of the Realm: You thought highbears were dangerous? Meet their larger cousin, theses giants are brown furred bears that grow larger than highbears. Giant of the realms are more dangerous due to their access to more powers than highbears, luckily they're not aggressive as unlike highbears due to their advancement they're nicer to other races. But getting near their cubs is a death sentence, even if the cub goes upto you and tries to play with you, you've got to earn their trust. So far, the largest there is, is one that is 4 by 4. The giant's priority are their cubs rather than anything at all, this is one of those races I could go on for ages about.

    New Classes: We've had two new classes during this, and we plan to add 3 more. Those two we have are the Knight and Engineer. They've got their own backstories on the classes, but for people who are those classes have trained for years to become that class, as those aren't easy to learn.

    Fractured Pieces: Something i'm leaving for my campaigners to discover, theses have hinted to a much darker secret of the realm, as of now they're about to fight a character that can tell them it, but will they spare her so she can tell them, or just kill her? Heh.

    I could go on, especially with the characters, so i'll just put something simple rather than go lengthy on all characters.

    Some characters have ascended their knowledge, allowing them to cast any spell within the game as they've travelled and lived long enough to learn all that is needed, whiles this would be easy for a giant of the realm due to how long they can live for, an ageless kobold magician has done this and so has two female elves, the kobold did it first though. However, that kobold magician along with a giant of the realm don't plan to use their powers for good and, well i'll have to see what my campaigners do with this.

    Sorry for any heart attacks I've caused from this long-ass comment.

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    As of right now, I only retcon regenerative limbs / self-cauterising etc. I feel losing limbs and whatnot builds character, oxymoron or not. I'm only on season 2 of the show so I'm not sure if that's still a thing or not.
  • Fleshweavers who specialize in body-augmentation rather than just making flesh golems, instilling themselves with a bit of the dark magic that keeps golems held together and adding extra/strengthening/modifying body parts and organs. Ones who have messed with their skeletal structure can't be ageless.
    Ageless don't feel "pain" in their flesh disguise in the same way living beings do (not sure of the official canon on that), though broken bones hurt them a lot.
    The thing @Cloud mentioned about limbs, and wounds do not self-cauterize.
  • those kinds of fleshweavers were made canon in my URealms world when the Fleshweaver Golem got Mechwarrior for its passive ;-; @Fitzy
  • That Reginald Barringster III has a habbit of hiding random items throughout the Realms. These items can only be found by those that search for them.
  • My magical theories are not cannon but I think they fit well. Here they are:

    There are 6 Dragon Aspects representing the 6 different kinds of magic which can be divided into 3 groups: Life and Death, Order and Chaos, Primordial and Intelligent.

    Life magics include Light, Fire and Earth, while the Death magics include Dark, Arcane and Ice.
    Order magics include Light, Earth and Ice, while Chaos magics include Dark, Arcane and Fire.
    Primordial magics include Earth, Ice and Dark while Intelligent magics include Arcane, Fire and Light.

    Life magic
    Light magic gives living things energy, while Fire magic gives living things purpose and warmth while Earth magic makes up their bodies.
    Death magic
    Ice magic removes energy from living things, as does Dark magic, but in a different way. Arcane magic disrupts the delicate balance of life.

    Everyone you know and love, the animals and plants of this Realm, are ruled by Life and Death magics

    Order magic
    Light magic provides the truth and gives a sort of essence to Order. Earth and Ice magic provide a shell for that essence to take and manipulate until true Order is reached while also giving rise to smaller details which and in themselves, perfect.
    Chaos magic
    Fire magic turns Ordered things to ash and blows them away, scattering the heat and physical bits from Order. Arcane magic provides room for imperfections to grow and for Order to become Chaos. Dark magic is the unknowable and tells constant lies, disrupting the Light essence of Ordered things.

    Order magic is the basis for a separate Realm, known as the Realm of Holding, which bagofholding s access. Chaos magic is welded by the Old Gods themselves.

    Primordial magic
    Earth magic is the actual body of the Realm, one of the oldest and most basic things. Before the sun dragons there was only cold, which Ice magic draws some of the basic essence from. Dark magic is the nothingness of the void. The original.
    Intelligent magic
    Fire is wielded by intelligent beings to both create and destroy and requires a certain level of knowledge to control and use correctly. Arcane magic behaves in the same way, but it behaves slightly differently. Light magic is the truth and knowledge in the world.

    Primordial magic and Intelligent magic rule how information in this Realm is distributed
  • The Sunswords are essentially the Secure Containment Protocol of Urealms. They are solely responsible for keeping Golestand in his slumber when he does land and they have Dalfgan under a secure lock and key.
    I wonder what else they have covered up that the world doesn't know about. Maybe Bopen was also meant to be contained in a similar way.
  • Cachacol the woven one from a my head canon
  • Carlos and Isabella the funk are a divine aspect that takes interest and appears to certain people sprayed by funks. Sort of a Loki-esque trickster god that loves messing with people. They don't appear to everyone sprayed by a funk, just the people they think will offer some entertainment.
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    I have a few...

    -Somewhere there is a person with a giant bag of holding who has to fish out all the junk from the realm of holding.
    -The elves see Ca'rell as a deserter and a traitor for abandoning her post to lead Porcs.
    -Golestandt isn't as mindless as people think the elves just can't deal with a god who was so cool causing destruction that doesn't make sense to them
    -Nisovin (or a believer clone of him) and Rick Snot are refitting the Boe Coe into a magical warship
    -Gnomes or at least Keens are extraplaner beings from a dimension where everything is half the size of there realm equivalent
    -Devrgr Devrgr poop stone
    -Something really bad happens if gold and dragon silver are turned into an alloy. 
  • I have a couple theories and thoughts that could potentially make fun stories...
    • Cup Kittens exist. Basically Pot-Puppy cats. They are a rarer "commodity", mainly Elven.
    • Dragon Gold can be turned into very powerful magical artifacts when cooled down with powerful Ice magic like Carbonite. Basically the things the guys from Unexpected Discovery got; The Dragon Hammer, the Helmet, etc.
    • Harpies are Beenu who were infected with Lyn's spell as young children/babies, then grew up essentially feral, yet managed to grow a tolerance to it, so they kept reproducing.
    • Trandon Barringster was cursed by some divine, not entirely sure, but, he essentially did something to get something's attention. The divine cursed him with a terrible hereditary insanity and a mole to curse Trandon himself even more.
    • The Great Oooo, otherwise known as "Intricate Circle Wizard", is either a very powerful, Legendary-Spell Runemaster or the first Runemaster. Or both. 
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