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What's your personal URelms unofficial lore?

not sure where else i would put this, so apologies if this isn't the right place.

Has anyone else come up with any stories, races, or just general lore bits that they made to fit into the URelms world? you know, the kind that are "cannon until proven otherwise" and the like?

Personally I've kind of created an entire species of Trolls loosely based on URelms lore, or at least that they'd fit in there well i think. what about you guys?


  • Porc knights of the round porc pic! Brave porc knights that only the most honorful and bravest porcs can join.
  • A wild-minded kobold woman with a ravens wing (valkyrie attribute) trying to transform people into machines, called the Cult of the Iron Sky.

    That's my personal lore.
  • I'm going to release a campaign where the players will encounter a rare sub species of electrical harpies. not sure how i'm going to call them yet but i do have the lore for them:

    they generaly live on very high mountains and only hunt during thunderstorms. They are immune to lightning and adventurers can see them as giant birds made out of lightning flying in and out of the black storm clouds during their hunts. their giant wings can cause winds that can even make an elephelk fly.
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    I've got Trolls.

    Unlike the rest of the races in the world, they weren't created by Magic or gods. can barely use magic at all to be honest.

    Nope. Trolls came about by this nifty little thing called Evolution. They're hyper evolved starfish! Eight-feet tall, green, five proto-brained, no-boned, friendly-to-goblins, able-to-regenerate-from-most-wounds-within-reason Starfish.
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    Anything from one of my previous threads
    Or the idea that all of deadbones characters don't have a face, and are all secretly ageless
  • @TamTroll that's..... Very. Damn. Cool.

    I love the thought of hypointelligent but still sentient beings, with a massive capability of taking/giving damage.
  • @brownhair798 I'm interested now. :wow: 
  • The fleshweavers are trying to manufacture their own man-made dragon aspect from the flesh of all the races in the realm.
  • In a campaign I ran I had a friend who played a kobold and all he did was drink and be drunk, it got really annoying so when his character got crit from low life and died (this was with season 1 rules, so a lot easier to die) and he made a new one, an elf this time, we made it canon that elves are allergic to alcohol.
  • @SugarSmear damn the shit would be great
  • @SugarSmear damn the shit would be great
  • I would like to believe (pun intended) that someone, somewhere, went around collecting Believer souls (or whatever it is Believers are), created an entire setpiece for a scene in the book, put a bunch of copies of the book on the ground, and released all the Believers to attempt a reenactment of their favorite scenes in the book. Don't lie, you Eragon/Harry Potter/etc. fandoms If you could do this you 100% would
  • @TaeyRurj hah, thanks! :P Admittedly not sure what "hypointelligent" means (Google is just coming up with Hyper-intelligent, which isn't the case) but otherwise yeah, you're pretty on point!
  • A Beannu created, and leads, the Cult of Bones.
  • hypo is usually the opposite of hyper. @TamTroll
  • kobold dick thread lmao @Dorian @Angoman have perverted me
  • @snarkyslytherin ahh that makes sense then
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  • Basically, the only thing that remained the same in my lore compared to the shows lore are the races them self and how they treat each other. 

    Elves are still the most dominant race and they still treat goblins like trash, we don't have dragon gods and ageless are created differently.

    Originally was i going with the good vs evil story but the more i have been sculpting the lore and exploring backstories/motives did it become more of a "nearly no one is evil, conflicts exist because different views on life" lore.

    For example:
    The "conflict" between elves and goblins started with the goblins considering magic to be taboo (no one controlled magic before the 1st goblins without harming or killing someone), so they considered elves to be traitors by using magic to evolve from goblin to elf. 
    And the elves that used to be goblins where the ones going outside the caves to scavenge for food and supplies. This was back in the ancient times when other races where hostile to each other and monsters roamed the land, the world was like an apocalypse to them. So the elves (That used to be goblins) felt betrayed by the goblins for risking their lives to scavenge for food and supplies without any weapons, armor or a way to protect them self until they learned to controll magic.

    Now many many many generations later did the children of the original elves and goblins forget about those events, but the hate between these two races always sticked.

    If i would type out the complete lore would i have to become a writer, and since i´m dyslectic and not a huge fan of typing will i leave it at this.
  • I have a headcanon that Each dragon has a different way of producing their eggs.

     We've seen how Vlaurungar creates her eggs in the den of devils. With Dragonflies as helpers, they create eggs to be infused by the creation magic and the magical element. 

    I have a campaign in planning that is basically den of devils, but for Rokesh. Rokesh's divine vines that hang from his body falls every time he awakes and moves for another place to fall asleep. Every time the gigantic vines from Rokesh drops from his body, the land around is sanctified and protected by the essence of earth. Creatures called Dragonapes lumber around the Land of Rokesh, and protect the newly created lair of Rokesh.

      Rokesh is the only other dragon I have an idea for, feel free to add if you have a better/good idea.
  • Something that I had envisioned happening:

    After Lance berates Justin in the latest campaign for being too flashy and showing off during the fight against Ageless at the wall, Justin complains that Lance was being too hard on him, treating his performance during that fight as a 1 out of 20 while Justin thought his performance was at least a 5 out of 20.
  • some of these are more headcanons about the show, where i was thinking more unrelated stories, races, or lore that didn't affect the show and just existed in the same universe / world, but hey whatever works!
  • that Believers come from the Dream World
  • Goblins descended from weird elves that became corrupted by silver. that's why elves hate them, because theyre a shitty reminder that the silver is evil dark magics and blah blah you get it
  • ive made a  sub type of kobalds named gembolds the idea is kobalds come from the ground and caves so what if some of them have gems in thair fur?
    so far i have a quarts and obsidian kobald twins i like to play with
  • All of rob works are cannon (aka the lords of minecraft sever city is a real city in urealms due to Deadlantis being a place on the sever)
  • Gnomes thrown in Porc Pits produce a sub-race called Porclets; Teeny tiny Porc's. 

    Elephelk's don't have elk horns on their heads; they have elk horn's for tusks (and no one can convince me otherwise)

    That's it for now  ~_~
  • All yits  have been completely wiped from the realm by the sunswords
  • There is a secret hideout for mostly organized criminals in the realm of holding in some box somewhere. And they run around throwing things in bags of holding. 
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