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Category for discussing the game itself

We have a category for discussing custom cards, and a category for DM discussions, but could we get a category to discuss cards/combos/class synergy/the actual game? I'm not entirely sure that it fits under the DM section. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, though.


  • Well according to General Discussion you could post such things there. It says: "If your thread is more so about the URealms game itself it may have a more fit home in one of "The Game" sub-forums, however as long as it's URealms related it may be posted here (a moderator may end up moving the thread at a later date however)."

    Right now as you say there are no places under the "The Game" section that covers the topics of cards/combos/class synergy/actual game stuff. So for now until either a mod answers you or another topic is added, I'd would go with posting those things in General Discussion. 
  • I'm sure you could put it into general discussion for now, but the gamemaster corner would also probably work, I know you say that it might not fit but it's probably the best section for now.
  • I know that relevant discussion will always find a nook/cranny to fit in, I just feel like there's a lot of good discussion to be had that wont happen without a place to have it.
  • Of course, I do get what you mean, I just offered a temporary solution for now :)
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