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Welcome to L.F.G.

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"Professor... what is this ''LOOKING FOR PARTY'' thing here?
Is this where you plan birthday parties for all your friends and family?"

"Hardly Phineas! This is a place where people can meet
others and schedule adventurers together!"

"Huh.. that's pretty obvious and now I kinda
 feel dumb, having asked that question."

"Don't feel too bad Phineas.
I'm sure many before and after you
will ponder the same thought."

"YEAAAAHHH! I'm relatable!!!"


  • Rob
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    Welcome to Looking For Group!
    This is a place where you can host and join games of URealms with other members in the community. If you are looking to join a game, just click through the threads until you find one that works for your schedule and if your looking to host a game please make sure you follow this post as an example for what your thread should look like.

    Please keep in mind that we do not moderator individual player games, we also aren't going to allow users who constantly cause troubles in players games to post on this forum. When you group with other URealms Community members, you should do so as a representative of our community and uphold the rules of these forums. If you have a bad experience with a player, simply politely bow out of the game and write a flag on the main post of that game's thread explaining what happened with any screenshots or evidence you might have. While we cannot immediately act on every single flag, it helps us as moderators understand which users in our community are often causing problems and find solutions to keeping this community active and friendly.

    Stay friendly with each other as afterall it's just a cooperative game guys!
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