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I made myself a puppet when I found out about Marionette Mates

I decided after finding Marionette Mates and with season 3 coming up, it might be fun for me to just make a puppet. So, I did! I have the basic emotes down, I have some random hats and some class and race specific stuff (and the very important ability to change between male and female, because immersion :3) Here are some examples (showing off all the possibilities would take way too long xD):

So, here is the base image. Just regular old me with mah hairweave, the glasses and a simple shirt thing.

Here's a very determined looking Kobold Bard.

Here's your everyday jacked Porc Sea Chef. Shades included for extra awesomeness. (The bottom line is cut off in Marionette Mates, so you don't see the messed up bit of line art XD)

Here's a female Elf Petalwalker (looks like a really awesome class btw, can't wait to give it a spin soon!)

And lastly your standard Elf Wizard.

So, that's pretty much what I have going on right now. I do like how it turned out, only thing is that I started making this before I got a drawing tablet. All the line art is made with the Path tool in GIMP, so that's why all the line art is so consistent in thickness. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, I'm in this to learn :3


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