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What is my elephelk, Darnell, doing and how do I stop him?

I was riding around town and Darnell started rolling around on the floor in a frenzy. Arms flying everywhere, his trunk even hit a wizard who threatened to fireball him. Lay on hands didn't seem to have any effect so what should i do?


  • Your elephelk was havign an exsitential crisis. It's rather common, what you should do is try to calm your elephelk by sitting next to him and being his rock. This isn't common in Porcs, so i understand the problem, but elephelks tend to think about the universe and their place in it a lot!
  • Could I ask what town it was you were visiting? Elephelks may look hardy, but they are actually very delicate creatures and unless you provide the right diet or enchantments they will have a hard time feeling comfortable in key locations. The symptoms you describe suggest a heat stroke, but I can't be for certain. I know it is a bit pricy, but I would suggest giving it a drop of Winterstone Meltwater. It should cool it down right away.
  • It has cancer.
    - Mage MD
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