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Possible Overflow Uses

In the Behind the Scenes of The Grand Paladin Order, Rob seemed to have trouble deciding what to do with the Overflow from donations now. So let's discuss some potential uses and alternatives. Actual, useful, potential options. Think on them, discuss what's been mentioned already.

One of the first ideas I thought of when Rob was mentioning potentials was this: Overflow could be used to double new donations. This would only work for donation Events after the ones that can be donated to before the stream, but it would allow events to complete quicker without forcing them to finish. If someone donates $5 to an Event, suddenly it's $10.

Another problem Rob specifically happening was that the order Events trigger matters sometimes. To fix this, a possibility would be to make Overflow randomly splurge into a randomly selected Event, either all at once or over time. Maybe every 10 seconds or so, $10 gets assigned to a random Event. Random coding may or may not be difficult to implement, but it would definitely fix the triggering-oder problem.


  • I liked the idea of turning it into EXP at the end of the show. Everyone who donates gets the EXP anyways, so it would be a possible use that wouldn't make the donators feel like their money was "wasted," which was one of the things Rob was worried about.

    Something else could be some sort of "meta goals." As just a rough example, if the overflow hit $1000 (just an example, would need to be an appropriate number for the reward) then Rob could get another T-shirt commissioned and produced. If we somehow hit a million dollars over the course of the season, there could be an extra campaign added on to the end. Stuff like that.
  • He kind of started to hit on it in the video, I think, but it seems to me like the most obvious use would be to have Overflow Events. Small things that can affect the battle in a positive or negative way. We don't even need to know the threshold for activating them, we don't need to know the amount of overflow there is. But like the card lore Phineas walking system, it just slowly goes through the overflow, and occasionally... I dunno, spawns some coins on the ground. Maybe some reinforcements arrive. Maybe another rock falls from the ceiling. Whatever. If Rob wants the overflow to mean something in-game, and he doesn't want to "artificially" trigger certain events... Then feed it back into the in-game world, just don't make it really... mean as much as normal events?
  • I'm just gonna copy/paste @FrozenTexan 's idea here.

    "Rawb I think a workable solution for overflow would there to be some huge season long donation that you can't directly donate to but all the overflow goes. Not sure what the payoff would be but I think it would be a way to solve the overflow thing without ppl feeling like donations are "wasted." Even if I do agree with you that that's a bad way to look at donations"
  • Yeah. I don't think that they necessarily need to be overflow goals unless there is a plan to make a big dopey Funderdragon like Bipen. I just want the money to be spent wisely so that down the line we might get tools that can help aspiring GMs. Map asset packs would be neato for example. I have not actively looked for it, but I'd love a behind the scenes or "tutorial" on how to draw maps that look authentic for the URealms experience.
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    @Ulthax My problem with just converting Overflow into XP is that it just inflates XP numbers, and also doesnt really reward anything in an entertaining manner.

    @SugarSmear Those are things not really related to the Overflow at all, just related to total donations. Overflow is specifically donation money for an event that was over what that event needed, and figuring out what to do with it specifically is what the trouble is.
  • @TDScott8 That seems like a cool idea I worry that Rawb would worry that people might just dump their load like they did for the last campaign and the other events wouldn't trigger. I think if there was a mix between what @BuncyTheFrog suggested and the one above we might have something.

    Example: Overflow will randomly (in some amount at a time) will choose a donation goal and donate towards it. At the end of the campaign if there is any overflow left over it goes to some arbitrary thing that could happen in a future campaign (or shoot even effect the Tamboc show somehow).
  • The way it's setup now gives Rob a lot of overflow from the first set of events. My idea would be to fill the next sets of events to about halfway, then donators could still have an impact in the trigger order and it wouldn't feel like the events are certain to trigger; the donaters still have to do some work. You probably wouldn't get through half maybe not even a third of the overflow, but It would help.

    I like this idea, but there's probably something wrong with it and I'd like to know what so let me know.

    This draft is turning into a wall of text so I'll probably just stop here.
  • One potential solution would be to make some sort of automatic system that donates like $5 of overflow to a random donation event every couple seconds.  I don't know how hard that would be to make, though.
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  • When I was listening to Rob talk about overflow I had similar thoughts to @Davrial. Matching donations from the overflow seems like the simplest solution and doesn't require adding new systems like season long donation events or bonus experience. I think it also solves most of the problems that were present in previous campaigns.

    • Automation
      In the past Rob has always been responsible for allocating overflow funds, which is another extra thing he has to keep track of on top of the other million things he already does during the show. Last seasons card quests alleviated this, but it sounds like they aren't being brought back in this one. Matching donations is completely automated, if there's money in the overflow and someone donates $10 to an event, an extra $10 gets pulled from the overflow and put towards that event. It doesn't have to be double either, it could be bumped up to triple or quadruple matching if the overflow is overflowing.
    • Trigger Order
      The viewers are still in complete control of which events get triggered first. Rob wouldn't need to worry about which events he should be triggering first, or which event the viewers want him to trigger first with the overflow. If an event isn't getting donated to because viewers don't want it, it won't get triggered, even if there's thousands of dollars in the overflow.
    • Money Anxiety
      I completely agree with Rob that the viewers don't need to see how much is in the overflow. Viewers should be donating to support the show, if the money goes towards an event, that's awesome, if it doesn't it's still going towards improving the show. The only thing that needs to be shown is whether or not there's still money left in the over flow. @agenttrap in the patreon discord suggested using Phineas holding bags of money similar to him walking during card quests, which I think would fit perfectly. In the past people have been less prone to donate when the overflow has enough money in it to finish off events, but this takes that responsibility out of Robs hands and puts it back into the hands of the viewers. I know Rob has mentioned before that he feels awkward continuing to take money when we've already donated enough to fund the campaign, especially during this last one where we practically funded the entire thing before the stream even started, but we wouldn't be donating if we didn't think the show deserved 
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    Hmm... I like the donation matching idea. Maybe when the overflow gets to a certain point any new donations become "overcharged" and have a multiplier (x2, x3, etc.) until the overflow is exhausted? This puts the money to good use and the players still have a say what order the donations are triggered... Somewhat.

    I think this week was just an exception unless Rawb has some more "Shut up and take my money" events up his sleeve. :)

    Edit: Clarified to "any new donations" as I think if you multiplied donations already set in motion you could have a run-away condition where things get all wonky.
  • I think rob needs a cool slot machine he can put overflow into or people can donate to that causes random shit to happen every like 500 dollars put into the machine(price is whatever). Like extra random things to pop up on the battle field or gives the guys a random meta cards, legendary roles, causes them to get random stuff from the realm of holding. or random spells fall from the sky.
  • I was thinking that maybe overflow, should go to a "special campaign" similar to Tambok tickets.
    >The crew collects 20 Tambok tickets, they get to do the special campaign. 
    >Chat donates 100K in overflow, we get a special highballer campaign or something

    Anyway, I figure that way the donations aren't "lost", and in season 4 or 5 we get a coll little gift.
  • @Chuck A slot machine would be neat but also possibly a pain to impliment
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