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What the is the single thing you liked the most from the last Campaign "The Grand Paladin Order"



  • Justin making the Goblet of Mysteries.
  • If I can only pick one it would have to be the DVZ references. There were so many awesome things that I loved in it. It made me all nostalgic and reminded me when DVZ started and how it has changed so much now.  
  • Either the Divine Decision (Literally 5 minutes of epicness) or the little Lore bits that were revealed (like the Lance's bow or the Goblet of Mysteries)
  • 30 feet in the high
  • Just a really small thing that most people won't think of... but the MAP ITSELF was soooo well done that I honestly think it was part of what made the campaign so great. It really felt suspenseful seeing the wall being crumbled up and seeing the giant banquet room where they all partied was very well drawn so honestly I think the artists deserve more credit. I wish I actually knew who did the maps, is it Meganzoor? Either way, it was really well done. I mean the other thing that was good about the map is the was Rawb moved around the map, only showing what was necessary and so when we finally saw the last piece of the map, it felt like a huge reveal where in the past he either showed the entire map from the beginning or he used multiple maps.
  • This thread has really driven home to me that a couple negative things can overshadow all the many many positives this campaign had. This was a great campaign.

    I have to say people have gotten a lot better at roleplaying characters that are not their usual style.

    Justin's roleplay normally feels like either trying to be silly or trying to be so over the top serious that it's still silly (buckaroos comes to mind), and like if he's not doing either of those things his characters feel kinda like background characters going with the flow. This week was one of his strongest roleplay-wise, and Fjord was decidedly not a character like Buzz or Jormr.

    Would have been the best character of the week most weeks, but Nadia is probably in my personal top 5 of strong Urealms characters. And again it was not one of Roamin's typically strong archetypes of either "proud and uptight" and or "moderate to severe case of douchebag."

    So to sum it up as one thing: people who historically did not have that great of a range when it came to roleplay did a really fucking good job of roleplaying out of their normal comfort zones.
  • Justin and his roleplaying. It was significantly better than all of his other characters! (kinda sad he didnt do anything with the william his porc.)
  • I really enjoyed that every combat encounter was thematically similar, with spiders and defending the keep, while being mechanically unique and taking place in different parts of the keep. It creates a cohesive story while also avoiding the repetitive nightmare that could happen with such a story.
  • my favorite thing in this campaign was how the guys all had really cool unique characters. Like Rob said all the guys played to their characters. I thought the my factories characters this week were Coes's and Roman
  • I gotta say the characters we're phenomenal this campaign.

    Fetchthewater progressing from a coward, who was confused and scared (who wasn't even in the Grand Paladin Order mind you) to a somewhat competent, and promising Squire.

    Fjord Stormstick, and his expertise at mastering lightning, and using it to slay the Ageless Thralls on the Battlefield.

    Wolster Vemtari, the veteran Paladin who could've died at any moment due to his weak heart, but stuck through it all for the Order and his kids.

    And finally, the star of the campaign, Tania Grayson. The one who had a fully fleshed out arc this campaign, and I loved the twist of when she went Anti-Party.

    Overall, great campaign, it was really good!
  • The Goblet of Mysteries
  • The amount of spam by chat whenever the divine decision was made. Chat was moving so quickly I couldn't see myself talk it was great :smilebold: 
  • All of the dvz references
  • Fetch The Water
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