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do you restpect rob yes or no



  • How could you not. He's a genuine and honest guy 
  • There are very few things that I've seen from Ser Robert Moran that I dislike. My only problem with him is that he forces (yes, forces) me to watch livestreams that start at 5am for me.

    So, yes. I really fucking respect Robert Moran. If he had a religion, I would probably convert to Moranism... er... Robertism. Fuck. Whatever, I would convert as long as it had a good name.

  • I respect rawb but oh man can be a willy nilly ding dong whippensnapper sometimes but i still love and respect him. 
  • I very much restpec de rawb. He's a swell dud.

  • If respect Rawb.
    I'm not interested in everything he does, but he is a damn good entertainer.
  • How could you not respect someone who calls it how it is? Heck Yeah.
  • R-E-S-T-E-C-P-A... what does that spell!
    how can we restecpa Eachother, if we can't restecpa Rob
  • What's a "respect"? Can you eat it?

    More seriously, I doubt anyone that watches URealms Live doesn't respect Rob. The amount of pure dedication, time, and stress the man puts into a show is astounding to me. I have issues putting together a wardrobe for the day, and Rob's over here mass-producing lore and characters and stories for an entire damn universe
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    I won't respect rawb until he gives apologies for the slight against people who picked aldor over scryers. 
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  • I've got tons of respect for Rob and everyone who works on this show. They all pour hours of their time for our entertainment. Shit, Rob is gonna release a tabletop mod for URealms for free. Don't gotta pay him a dime, he wants it to be accessible to people.

    Even if I don't like something Rob makes, I understand that that's normal. You aren't gonna like everything an artist puts out, but someone will and that's what is important.

    Rob is a good guy who loves to entertain people and he does a damn fine job of that.
  • @Darillion
    Screw the blue staff man, we are all about the professor plums!

    Also, robots. Does aldor have sweet giant robots patrolling around? Didn't think so.

    Scyers for life!
  • Roll for respect: 

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    #Abracadabiansforrob, a statement from their president earlier this week. 
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    Press F To Pay Respects?
    Edit: (Please don't, we did that too much on stream chat.)
  • Yes, much respect
  • I respect Rob greatly. I feel everything he does for this community is in our own best interest and you can tell that he truly puts his heart into everything he does. In addition I respect him for being able to put up with all of the shit this community(myself included) gives him and the fact that he pushes onward more steadfast than ever. 
  • i respect him for a lot of things like how he works so hard for the show to make it as good as possible to name one of them
  • if you don respect rob then gtfo :|  
  • rawbo respecto
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