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do you restpect rob yes or no



  • Roll for respect 
  • Of course 
  • We all do he does so much work to give us my favorite show Urealms. So I'm sure everyone respects him also I would rather not be banned so yes I respect him.
  • You have to respect Rob to even be here. Otherwise, you're not a fan.
  • Of course
  • Rob does everything I want to do with my life and making thousands of dollars in one weekend; if that's not worth respect I don't know what is.
  • yes because what he does is entertaining, this is one of the few shows that make me laugh in the beginning, and now I'm interested and excited about the history that is happening.
    However I wonder, this must be stressful for Rawb.

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    Dude, when someone is able to put in the work to create things that people love time and time again, it is nearly impossible not to respect them. I can't even imagine how much time and work goes into making things like these. I've tried creating games and communities myself, and even just having a group of 10 or 20 people following your work and interacting within the community can be difficult to deal with. That's just the community management aspect. Game themselves take an insane amount of work to make.

    In my mind, Rob gets at least respect(s).
  • I don't know how to speak abrakadabi but I do respect :rawb: 
  • Yes. I respect Rob-bo
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    Roll to see how much I respect rawb 
  • Rob spends so much time and effort entertaining us! Of course I respect him.
  • Roll for respect: 

    Add +5 for Rawb being that awesome.
  • I'm gonna be real, I didn't notice the typo in the thread title until way later.

    Hearing Rob's thoughts on game design and his reasoning makes me respect him.
  • Goals: respect Rob.
    Anti-Goals: disrespect Rob.
  • I guess  ;)
  • nah fuck rob, but rawb now he's my main man.
  •  Sometimes yes, (kills my favorite character)...............
  • Hmmmm, yes. Rawb has been around. He's like a primordial internet creature. He's done Newgrounds animation, WoW animations (cause he hates the word Machinima and so do I), more professional animation for The Escapist, tried to make a video game, more general Let's Play style content, multiple roleplaying Minecraft servers, and now Urealms, among other things. 

    I certainly respect him more than a lot of newer "YouTuber" type people who only recently fell into all this. It seems like he did too, in a way, but he's got a decade of this kind of stuff under his belt, so props for that.
  • Depends on the day
  • roll for respect 
  • rawb is my precious boy, of course I respect him. 
  • Well I mean I think I restpect Rob lemme roll for that. 
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