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Help! There are rodents in my house!

Hey guys, so I came home from work today and found a bunch of goblin poop on the floor and ripped up trash bags. I have tried baiting them out with cheese and I tried setting up goblin traps around the house but I cannot seem to get them out. I really don't want to call exterminators as I don't have the gold right now. Not sure if goblins prefer cheese or if I should try something else as bait instead? Any help would be appreciated! I want these goblins out of my house ASAP! Thanks!


  • Have you tried Lascene?
  • I will help you I need some goblin for my soup.
  • get some sticky tiles and put them in high-traffic goblin areas. Then feed your gemlings with them.
  • I'd recommend hiring some cleaners to Glaciate the shit out of the house and then clean up the mess afterwards. This method is only effective if you're skilled in sleight of hand, otherwise this isn't your option after all.

    Remember that Goblins are always counted as Foes according to the rules of URealms, so if you have any abilities of your own I'd recommend saving your Gold and personally putting a stop to those things yourself. These days, bait just doesn't do the job it used to.
  • run around and pretend to be a goblin and once they think you are a goblin enter there society and clime your way to the top of the social ring, join the goblin election for president  and makes some simple claims that your never going to do, when you have won head back and get there nuke codes and kill them from the inside out. 
    it work great for me i dont have any golbins now.
     and if that dont work try salt i heard they dont like salt 
  • Try leaving some coral by the holes they come out of in the night, I think they're allergic to it. They'll clear out by morning if they don't wanna die.
  • A sunhound, while not a cheap option, is a lifelong pet that will do a great job of ratting out goblins.
  • Goblins? Rather simple, you talk and reason with them, their a specieis that can talk and if you told them that they were the fucking scum of the earth and that they were in your house and had to get the fuck out or they would die, i mean, they probaly would but who know's their golblins. 
  • Ahhh I remember when I had goblins in my walls... they were from the Abracadab area, so there were a ton of hat rats. Then one day this cavalier came to my house to clear them out, now I've got some dark Valkyrie thing named Dale in my walls... help... Dale has almost run out of hat rats in the walls... I think he might come after me next...
  • Call your local cobblers, Expert goblin killers.
  • Invite a Troll over to your house. Trolls and Goblins have been friends for a long time, and even if these Goblins don't know any Trolls, the Troll will most likely know about Goblins and know how to get their trust. Then the whole lot of them should just leave.
  • Have you tried getting a cowfrog? They just gobble those little cretins up.
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