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The town is under siege

Kind of an encounter idea/ what would you do.

In the distance on the other side of town you can see that it is under attack. As you seek up to try and peek you can see that it's a horde of ageless. What would you do in this problem that you have. You only have two spells, a shield, and a weapon to fight. In the house you remember that your grandpa has giving you a treasure in the attic to fight ageless. Do you risk going to home to fight the horde of ageless that now has start coming from all sides or do you run far away and hope for heroes to come and fight the ageless off. Let me know what you would to in this problem that you have. PS: If you go for the treasure I can try to make a custom legendary based on the weapon and spells that you choose. Give me some info on the type of character that you are.    
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