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Will Card-Art change as better representative characters get art?

One thing that has struck me with the new class cards is that the characters depicted don't necessarily tell me much about what their class actually is. Take sorcerer for example. You'd be forgiven for thinking that the Sorcerer had fire spells in its reportoire, but they actually do not have a single one. The same could be said for runemaster as you'd be forgiven for thinking they were closer to some sort of summoning or minion based class from the artwork.

There are more questionable cards I could mention, but I think I've made my point. Some classes may need more obvious characters to represent them so you can tell what they are all about at a glance similar to flamedanseur, monk, and petalwalker. I think it would be beneficial if any of us want to play with friends who have no familiarity with Urealms lore.


  • I mean it really just depends on the characters that are made. To be fair though, short of rune tattoos all over their body, what character would "look" like a Runemaster.
  • Yeah maybe, I think it would be good to update them maybe at the end of each season if a character uses the class and becomes iconic. I get what you mean about some of the card arts being confusing as to what the class actually is, but this is a show, not a game and so having characters that are fan favourites on the cards, even if they don't show off the class very well, I think is better than having less popular characters on the cards that may describe the class excellently.
  • @Timedagger100 Rune tattoos over one's body is one way to go about it. Maybe a picture of a character inscribing runes into a weapon? Or one drawing a magic rune circle in the air? There are multiple ways to go about it.
  • @Kyolus Whether it is a show or it is a game I still feel it is important to convey clarity to the viewer. Not only veteran viewers, but new viewers as well. What even is a theurgist for example? Even without zooming in on the text it looks like it is some sort of caster that can at the very least have a water/ice elemental thing supporting it.

  • I understand kind of, but not all of the classes have been played, and the art is just to make sure it's not a boring card with just words. I like being able to watch the character creation and say "hey that's sir shmoopy of awesometon on that sorcerer card" because it's super fun. (Not to mention Sir Shmoopy was a sorcerer so he fits 100%)
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