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An answer to the "Where is the Tabletop mod?" questions.

Yo peepirinos it is I, your friendly neighborhood GM Time and I'm here to answer the burning question in all your hearts... "Where is the Tabletop mod?" The short and sweet answer of it is, it's not out yet. The ETA on when it will be up is not out yet, we can assume sometime soon as Rob said after the first Campaign of Season 3 would be when it's released. He never said directly after though so you need to give him some time, he needs to do his last couple of checks to make sure everything is taken care of, but I'm sure it will be out before the next campaign unless something important comes up. In which case it's probably better we wait. I've seen a lot of these threads asking about the mod lately and I figured I'd make this so people could just send them here or so hopefully less of these threads would be made. If you have any questions go ahead and ask, I'm not Rob so I can't give you 100% accurate information, but I stalk him on all forms of social media soooooooo it's basically  the same thing, and if I don't know I'm sure some one else might have better insight.
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