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please delete


  • How long are the campaigns roughly?
  • I'd be interested in joining in! I've only played like one campaign, but I think it'd be fun.
  • They are 4-5 small to medium encounters, I'd say it could take three maybe four hours but most likely less. once in the discord we can look through all of them and choose which we'd like to play.
  • I would be open Tuesday or Thursday after about six. Work 9-5:30 Understand if that's a bit late.
  • Im good for the wednesday or thursday campaign!
  • I can do most nights at 3:0o pm mst
  • Just so ya know, posting ASAP means the game is right now, saw this thread and was confused that it wasn't tonight.
  • Might as well mention that this should probably be in the "looking for a party" sub-forum. I'm pretty sure that you can edit which forum it is in by clicking the gear.
  • I think rob closed that down until the mod came out
  • I'd be down!

  • @TakiHimora Ah, okay. I've never actually tried posting there, but at the very least, the site allows you to select it as the place where you want to post your thread.
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