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Phineas Barringster looks creepily similar to Anduin Wrynn

The title sort of says it all. I was reading up on the newer Legion stuff with WoW, since I quit a while back, but when reading about the Pansy-Flower that is Anduin I realized he really looks like Phineas. I think Rawb predicted Anduin's descent into madness.


  • Well, a more URealms cartoon-y version, but still. It's eerily similar. At least to me, but obviously Phineas is more insane.
  • You mean Arthas Menethil, right?
  • Nah, I mean Anduin Wrynn the Whiny Priest. Since Phineas looks more teenager like now, and the supposedly 23-year old Anduin still looks fairly teen-ish (to me), if I were to mentally convert Anduin to a URealms style character then he'd look like a slightly less deranged Phineas (going by the profile avatar of him).
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