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diversion map

i know its not great but its a map i cobbled together for the first campaign i am going to GM and thought you guys might want a look at it. the brown circles in the grass are supposed to be tree stubs and the green circles are supposed to be trees. and the brown circles in the castle is supposed to be pillars. and if this looks like it was made in its because it was

please do not give any criticism or i might collapse into a sentient ball of tears and beef, just kidding i will probably be alright.

in this adventure our "heroes" are a part of a order that wishes to destroy all that mixes technology and magic, as from their perspective this is worse than the ageless hordes. but you do whatever you want with it.


  • Looks great. Gets across what it needs to. Keep it up sir. Your Heroes are actually quite similar to a group of villains I've run in a Titansgrave campaign.
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