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[RP] Tales of the Old Gods [Ended] (DO NOT SIGN UP)



  • Im fine with what you got in stored for all of us
  • @Phendrix (I'm going to prepare the end of the RP.)
  • (Who had a spear through their stomach and lost their stone thing before it)
  • (Yeah I am up for it)
  • In the library I try to find a book about medusas
  • @Firelie @Toruk @Phendrix @xxthatguy11xx @ewanme99 @Sabertooth1114 @Murlin22 @Milk ;
    Old Gods
    This is the end of Tales of the Old Gods. The world didn't end with someone going into ???, but a Porc rolling a 1 on Restore Inventory. That's how the world got taken over. By a fucking Porc. (The island that some Players are on is called Hydra) 
    Fate of The Characters and their Companions:
    Birmir and Ashley: Apart of Asudem's Following
    Trann: Dead
    Armin, Murtongon, Aminta: On Hydra
    Danny: On Hydra
    Foven: Apart of Asudem's Following
    Mako: Apart of Asudem's Following
    Ley: Apart of Asudem's Following
    Marse and Belle: On Hydra
    Emilia, Elizabeth, Vine, and Alfonso: On Hydra
    Fate of NPCs:
    Ted: On Hydra
    Rocki: Apart of Asudem's Following
    Morgan: On Hydra
    Verius Maxwell: On Hydra
    Stella Maxwell: Apart of Asudem's Following
    Soleil Maxwell: Apart of Asudem's Following
    Paladin Timmy and Sunny: Apart of Asudem's Following
    Paladin Scylla: Dead
    Paladin Athena: On Hydra
    Paladin-Seeker Lachesis: Apart of Asudem's Following
    Sister 4: Dead
    Sister 5: Apart of Asudem's Following
    Sister 6: On Hydra
    Paladin-Magician Gaius: On Hydra
    Perri Welk: On Hydra
    Ktan Febe: Apart of Asudem's Following
    Derran Royalblood: Dead
    Delthea Royablood: On Hydra
    Caid Edin: Dead
    Leader of The Maniacs: Dead
    Lisa: Dead
    Slevis: On Hydra
    Trann's Parents: Apart of Asudem's Following
    M.K.: Apart of Asudem's Following
    Vex: On Hydra
    Naton: In the future 
    Pius: On Hydra
    Don: Dead
    Biggysmalls: On Hydra
    Dominator: On Hydra
    Dominus Terrae: ???
    Grasshopper: Dead
    Serfaal: Apart of Asudem's Following
    The next RP will take place in the same world, but it will deal with life on Hydra and trying to assassinate Asudem II. It will probably adopt the same style as the Paladins or the Bandit RP.

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    Will we ever learn what was in ???
  • @Toruk
    I might as well tell you now.
    When you enter ???, you face a Meta. Without spoiling too much, they are people who breaks the Fourth Wall as their weapon. They are invincible and know every single Spell/Ability. All you do is survive 3 rounds. When you survive, ??? will open accessing new land for everyone. The Character who does this becomes a Divine. That's the scripted end.
  • (I'm assuming it'll be on a new forum, tell us once its ready if so)
  •  Asudem ll better not try and do that
  • @ewanme99 (By forum I hope you mean thread/discussion) 
  • @gushy48 (yeah, a thread.)
  • @ewanme99 (Alright. All conversations will be on the OOC thread from now on)
  • @Gushy48
    Fezgod never replied and I just forgot about the rp since no notifications were coming in.

  • @Firelie
    I uh. May or may not have made a character with a porc "companion" Who rolled a 1 on getting his inventory back, making him forget everything

    Then me and two other of my "Companions" convinced him that he was a seeker of knowlegde
    And he got medusa, I rolled a 1 on convincing him not to use it, became a follower of that guy, and me and my "Medusa" master, went off to charm everyone in Roke and Rakka Takka

    And then the "Master" died, and then me and another one of my "companion" went out. We saw a whelpling, long story short my ally used his Lost cornerstone and got a Medusa Scroll. Making everyone Charmed yet again

    And then my new master sent us to Vorr because some guy had a powerful spell, and then we controlled everyone in Vorr. And my Master went on to rule Cerrania while my character rolled a 1 from a fail Flame Lance

    Also, we have all Legendary companions in the Medusa's army. Except for a Gumioh (We have Ashley the Highbear. Zeus the Whelpling, MK the Elemech, and an Ogre)
  • Ok ill need to roll to see if i was in vorr when this happened, because last I checked I was in a forest hunting
  • @Firelie (Birmir is apart of Asudem's Following. I already stated that) 
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    (Y'all forgot the epic tale of Trann's death in that summary  :)
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