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[RP] Tales of the Old Gods [Ended] (DO NOT SIGN UP)



  • a. "yes your highness"
  • (What does he mean by this?)
  • @Toruk (Your brother will going to join you on your journey. Mostly because your dad wants to kick him out.)
  • (Oh sweet, what class is my brother before I accept)
  • @xxthatguy11xx
    You are stripped of all of your items. The Dual Lawbringers (Can't believe that you gave that up), and any item belonging to Leon Avo is in the hands of Delthea Royalblood. Your Armor, Shield, and Weapons are also removed.
    Afterwards, you are in a heavy guarded jail cell by yourself.

    A. Free Action
  • a. "can i get some water?"
  • @Toruk (I'll let you create your brother. He'll be a backup Character if Trann dies.) (Buccaneer with Secret Weapon is a no-no. Just putting that out there.) 
  • @xxthatguy11xx
    You get a can of water.

    Guard: "You got a rough life ahead of you pal. Some folks here aren't happy that you killed Leon, but some are impressed that you did."

    A. Free Action
  • (The younger brother would not be a buccaneer in the first place)
  • (whats the elven thanes personality?)
    Name: Birmar & Ashley Tonir
    Gender and Age: Birmar- Porc 23 Ashley- Female 18
    Starting Place: Solarium
    Backstory: Birmar and his 'Duaghter' Ashley are butchers in solarium. Ashley came to meet Birmar when her parents were killed. (I hope the attribute doesnt contradict this) She also wouldve died if Birmar didnt come and save her. He then took care of her in his butchery, where she grew up and became a Thane. But bad times came, and their business fell apart, they now plan to travel the world to set up shop. Birmar also has a habit of hoarding the trash of stuff he finds in the streets, and is often distracted by shiny objects.
  • @Toruk (Lol. He can't be a magical unicorn with Emphavision too) 
  • (But ok I will create him soon)
    A. "Sure I can take my brother, but that leaves you without farm hands"
  • @Firelie (Gallivant)
    Birmar is accepted. Give me a second to put you in the main post.
  • (you mean gallant @Gushy48 ?)
  • @Toruk
    Pa: "I brought an Elemech!"

    A. wat
    B. wat
    C. wat
    D. wat
    E. wat
  • @Firelie (Yup. You saw nothing)
    You are with Ashley standing in the middle of Solarium.

    Ashley: "We should head to the Catherdal. I heard that the Gods are teaching everyone new tricks!"

    A. Head there
    B. Nope
  • A. "Sounds fun, lets go there, then we can find a place to set up the greasy pig"
  • @Firelie
    The both of you are at the Cathedral.

    A. Pray to a Shrine (Pick the right Shrine)
    B. Leave
  • A. Ashley prays to Vlarunga and Birmar goes to Our'ras (its been a while since I saw the dragons name, so they may be a little weird. Also hes a butcher so blood magic maybe?)
  • @Firelie
    Ashley learns: rebirth. Congrats! Your Companion permanently learned a Legendary Spell!
    You learn: lotusbloomex. This feels really insignificant compared to Ashley.

    A. Free Action
  • A. "You got an elemech!"
  • (holy shit)
    A. "Ok now do you want to go to a store before we leave?" (can I put Ashleys spells in my slots?)
  • @Toruk
    An Elemech comes into the room.

    Elemech: "Hello. I am M.K. You are Trann Jaded."

    He brings your currently nameless brother.

    Nameless Brother: "Hi!"

    A. Free Action
  • a. "it doesn't seem like anyone likes me after what i did" im going to check the water to see if its poisoned 
  • @Firelie (Nope. Ashley is her own person, you are not Ashley. Ashley cannot be inside you)
    Ashley: "Sure! I feel like my mind is really active!'

    You feel really sad.
    You go to the Shop.

    A. Weapons
    B. Armor
    C. Shield
    D. Treasures
    C. Consumables 

  • @xxthatguy11xx
    As far as you can tell, it's normal water...hopefully.

    A. Free Action
  • A. "Well then hello M.K... hey Cha (temp name)!
  • (I have 250 gold right?)
    A. Weapons
    (also is it ok if I buy stuff from another catagory after this?)
  • @Toruk
    Cha?: "What? I'm sure that my name isn't Cha."

    M.K.: "What is occurring currently?"

    A. Free Action
  • (I am bad at name trends)
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