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[RP] Tales of the Old Gods [Ended] (DO NOT SIGN UP)

Welcome to the World of Cerrania! 

This RP is not like the other forum games however. Instead of saying, "Hey! Let's go through a campaign and see what shenanigans awaits us!" This will say, "Hey! Explore the world I created and go on a very interesting journey!" After that's been said and done, here we go:

This is the OOC Thread: World of Cerrania

Ahhh. It's about time. The Old Gods have a new world to play in. Whether or not they strive for ruin or hope, their tales will be one to remember.  

World Map:
World Map

Gray/White Castle = City
Gray/White House = Village
Dark Green = Forest
Red = ???
Gray Temple = Temple

(Can anyone tell me how to make the images show up?)
Levels: In the RP, you can gain XP for completing quests and solving encounters. As usual, you can level up once you reached a certain amount, but there's a twist. Your level translates into Combat, as it directly affects Low and High Rolls. At Level 1, you will have more Low Rolls than usual, and at Level 10 (The max level), Low Rolls become uncommon. (And yes, you will see them in the Player spoiler)

Each time you level up, you get a Stamina and Gold Roll. Stamina Roll is cut by 2, while Gold Roll is multiplied by 10.

Every third level (3, 6, 9), you will choose between Inventory, Passive, and Treasure slots. Inventory and Passives are self-explantory. Treasure slots are used to store ONLY Treasures. 

At Level 10, you are able to Multiclass. In this RP, it means that you are able to change your class to whatever you want, at the cost of going back to Level 1. You are able to retain all previous class abilities, but Inventory can be a BIG problem. You are only able to Multiclass if you go to a Shrine. 

Also at Level 10, you can get your Legendary Item from your respective Shrine.
Shrines: At every City, there's a Shrine for each Dragon Aspect. At the Shrine, you can gift it gold, treasures, or items. In return, you can get Treasure, Consumables, or request a Class Ability. BUT, remember that each class is assigned to a Dragon Aspect. If you pick the wrong Shrine, then you just wasted gold.

Ouro'ras: Paladin, Suncleric, Templar, Thane, Seeker, Sheriff
Rokesh: Monk, Shaman, Lumberjack, Petalwalker, Berserker, Sandbender, Ranger, Warrior
Yvander: Hydromancer, Sea Chef, Booty Raider, Buccaneer, Swashbuckler
Vlaurunga: Flamedanseur, Rouge, Alchemist, Sharpsword, Spellslinger
Quintara Lotus: Wizard, Theurgist, Sorcerer, Runemaster, Dreamweaver, Magician, Enchanter, Bard, Witch
Golestandt: Bonedancer, Deathknight, Cabalist, Fleshweaver, Bandito, Puppeteer, Spellthief
???: Peasant (Yeah, this is a real class you can choose. It does the Peasant attribute) 

When you reach Level 10 and want to Multiclass, go to any Shrine and pick a class from it. Make sure you get your Legendary Item first. 
Status Effects:
Blind: Miss on low/average rolls. Removed after one round.
Burning: Unable to use Limited, Anytimes, and Consumables for one round.
Poison: Unable to heal Stamina whatsoever for one round.
Stunned: Unable to do anything, may roll to get out of being stunned, or after one round has passed.
Charmed: You have to attack your own party until you roll out of being Charmed, or a round has passed.
Silenced: Unable to cast spells for one round.
Frozen: Unable to move for one round.
Defeated: Cannot do anything until next round. Any hit results in a Death Roll.
Death Rolls:
Death Rolls happen when your Stamina is, or goes below 0. After you lived the first Death Roll, the chance of dying is higher by 1's. The only way to make the count go back to 1, is by Resting.

(1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and so on)
You can take a Rest at an Inn (City or Village), or outside when you feel Safe. A Rest will restore all of your Stamina, and most importantly, get rid of the Death Roll.

Safe is a condition where no Random Encounters will occur while being outside and traveling. You will start getting messages about being Safe when your Death Roll count is 2 or higher. 
Random Encounters:
Random Encounters happen when you roll a certain number. It could involve diplomacy, combat, or just weirdness in general. Either way, it will happen when you go outside a City, Village, or Temple. (Plus, you will get XP for completing it!)
In combat, you have a Move, Regular Action, and three Anytime Actions. It works the same just like in the official version. Limiteds and Terrain works the same as well.
In the RP, Companions WILL NOT take up Inventory and Passive slots. Companions will have their own character sheet with their abilities and passives. 

Mercenary Companions are limited to: One Weapon, Armor, Shield, Five Inventory Slots, Three Passives.
Magical, Beast, and Mechanical Companions are limited to: Seven Inventory Slots, Four Passives.
Legendary Companions have: They have a regular character sheet just like a normal character.

You may have two Companions active at once. If you ever get a Legendary Companion, you are forced to only have that companion. 
You will see Shops in Cities and Villages. Shops in Cities will have ten Treasures, ten Items, and ten Consumables.
Shops in Villages will have five Treasures, five Items, and five Consumables. 
These items are permanent until it is bought. 
Twist of Fate:
Twist of Fate are scripted events that occur throughout the RP. One Old God will be chosen and have to decide where the realm go next, for the good or worst.
Put "Goblin 1" in your application to prove that you read this.
Tales of the Old Gods will be written down in this book. 

Grafalcon Gellantara is a Porc that was once bullied by Elves, but he showed him. He killed those people. Anyway, he ended up in  Jimmy Town and adopted the name "Jimmy Porc". After one day, he woke up and went to a shop. THEN, he got attacked by Shop Jimmy after finding a body above him, and that person is dead too. Explanation to the cops later, he sought out to go to Kel Toduhr and met a Porcish Bard. After traveling to Kel Toduhr, the pair split off and Grafa joined the Grand Warrior Clan, and the fifty recruits including him set off to a gobo cave. After slaying the goblins, he caught a pig and sold it. After coming back to Kel Toduhr, the recruits set off to Jimmy Town to stop a riot. Grafa did some things in Kel Toduhr, then recruits came up to fight him. He warped away and went to the Rockies, but ended up encountering a Highbear on the roads. Grafa went to the Rockies, but left soon after. He killed a kobold and a kobold child, and wanted to befriend a pack of Wowzers. Afterwards, he ran into a Black Boar named Hi...Hi died. (There was an incident that involves a spider, but fuck spiders) Grafa got an Eaglebear named Majesty, and went to the Temple of Thor where Ouro'ras disowned him. He is now a Deathknight and traveling east. Grafa met a Spider, and he named him Spider. After traveling to Roke, the party became Ageless and decided to raid a random house. Instead, they met an old couple with a Ray of Omega Particle Cannon. This led to Grafa being hit and Murlin22 abandoning him. No one will know what will happen next. 

Serfaal had the same fate as Martin, now known as Murtongon. She used Final Gift on a Highbear, then met Trann and she fused with a Momma Lacerator named Big Momma. However, Vesta was waiting for her. After the attempted assassination, Serfaal went underground in fear of Vesta. No one will know what will happen next.

Luna Lutz wanted to go to Solarium, but she met her doom against two Gorgons. This tale was forgotten. 

Jimmy and Jimmy are doing Jimmy things in Jimmy Town. Like breaking up a fight between Jimmy and Jimmy about Jimmy. Then, arguing about Jimmy Ball. THEN! Losing at Jimmy Ball.  THEN! Dying at a dragon cave and not listening to the Voice in the Sky. This tale was forgotten. 

Loretta, the orphan, woke up in Dodgur and left the city after meeting a kobold. Then, she met a Highbear with a gnome and an elf. Loretta used her Romantic attribute to charm the Highbear into her companion then left to Portside. Little did she know, she was put on a stake and almost set to burn when a critical failure worked in her favor. Loretta escaped, then got caught by Bounty Hunters. They gave Loretta a chance to live on a ship, but Loretta "died". Loretta and Sain woke up in a ship, where a hatch opened above them. A sailor looks over the pair, and wanted to skin Sain. Loretta dealt with this by bursting out of the ship and into the ocean with Sain. She casted a perfect Lascene and put all of the sailors into the ocean, until they met the shellminds. The shellminds let Loretta go to Portside without any trouble, until she ran into Don. Biggysmalls executed Loretta and forced Sain to run away to the Endless Forest. This tale is forgotten.

Sain is Loretta's highbear. Loretta ended up falling to Biggysmalls. Sain went to live in the Endless Forest.

Trann is in Vorr after waking up and hearing about a Greenskin sneaking into the village. Then, he sparred with a Believer dwarf, and decided to drink at a bar. Afterwards, he woke up in shit and decided to spar another dwarf. Next, he joined a caravan to go to Dunebai, where he saw a kobold shot another kobold's eyes. Trann decides to wander around the city and found a painting with a porc who wants blood. Trann, being a good person, decides to patrol Dunebai until he fell into a trap and ran away. After being scolded by an officer, he leaves the station. Then, he decided a Twist of Fate, which led him fighting a shellmind with Leon Avo. Trann then met Bones, who said some weird things about another forums, realms, and some other mind-bending stuff. Afterwards, he was forced to leave Dunebai by the Voice of the Sky and set out to travel to Lotus. But...he ran into a Fleshweaver Golem then ran into a feck of funks. Many encounters later, he arrived at Lotus but was in a weird thunderstorm. After that weird thunderstorm, he headed towards Solarium and met Serfaal. The pair hunted a Momma Lacerator named Big Momma, and Serfaal used Final Gift on Big Momma. Afterwards, Vesta came to ruin their day and Serfaal's Old God abandoned her. Now, Serfaal lives underground as a hermit. No one will know what will happen next, but Trann went on to Solarium. He prayed to the Shrine of Rokesh, but he talked to a Paladin saying there was a Goblin attack going to happen. Later, he had a weird dream about being underwater but woke up holding a bottle of EXXXP Ale. Afterwards, Trann and Glow went to kill a bounty named Bloodhound, but was killed by Ursa Sain. Now, they went back to Solarium and talked to Paladin Timmy who was teaching Molly. Trann grabbed a bounty: Telly, a Wowzer, and proceeded to kill it and bring it back to Solarium. Afterwards, he traveled to Vorr to meet his parents and his brother, Armin. Armin and Trann proceeded to have many journeys until Leviathan attacked Dodgur. They helped the citizens flee to Vorr, then Bert happened. Bert is shit, and that's all you need to know. Anyway, the pair encountered Nelle on the road to Dodgur. After saving Nelle from a dangerous man in an alleyway, Trann went to Vorr to stop Pharien which he did. Afterwards, Trann (now with Murtongon and Aminta) went to Dodgur to fend off AF, but was forced to retreat to Kel Toduhr. The AF overcome Gogdur and spread throughout the northern part of Cerrania like a plague. Trann made the ultimate decision to die like a true Berserker. This Tale went down in History. 

Seyrel woke up in Lenoir and bought a ring. Then, she wanted to travel to Forest of Blessing, but. She met Grasshopper, how peculiar. Afterwards, she went into the Forest of Blessings and pissed the Divines off. That's impossible. Soon after, the Old God abandoned Seyrel. No one will know what will happen next.

Vex woke up in the Endless Forest and tried to leave immediately after eating a dead deer. His antics, mostly setting off a Pyroblast, got the attention of an elven witch. Afterwards, he left the forest and began traveling. Vex ran into some trouble, but ran away. The Old God became inactive. No one will know what will happen next.

Pius is in the Temple of Daragor where he was reading some books, until he met a peculiar fellow named Dominus Terrae. Terrae talks about the Gods of Destruction? What the hell is that? Well, only one Old God and I know. Pius saw a Trial and was interested in it. Then, he got discouraged and left to Nagflad. At Nagflad, he is running a medical business. He's currently healing Nagflad players of their injuries. After healing a few people, he met Don. The Old God became inactive. No one will know what will happen next.

Martin starts off in a Village and saw a Whelpling. He wanted to follow, but the Whelpling went into ???. So, Martin goes to the Temple of Thor. He ran into Naton and began fighting over a Gumioh. Martin managed to get Final Gift and merged with the Gumioh. He, now she, turned into Murtongon, the Legendary Magician. Murtongon got a shezaite named Aminta and fought some scrooges. Afterwards, she ran into a Gemlord, but she let it be. The pair encountered a hurt kobold on the ground and healed him back to health. The pair went on their way until they encountered a Shellmind, then they left each other alone. Murtongon reached the edge of the world, but realized that it was an illusion as land revealed itself to be beautiful. The only thing that stopping her is a magical red line. At the end, her Old God abandoned her. No one will know what will happen next.

Naton woke up in a Village and he went to the Temple of Anthahall. He wanted to learn an ability, but failed to do so. Then, he wanted to do the Trial it possessed, but Naton ran away after almost failing to solve the puzzle. Now, he is going to the Temple of Thor. Naton and Martin ran into each other, and began to fight over a Gumioh. Naton witnessed Martin transforming into Murtongon and was relieved that he didn't fuse with him, because that would have been weird. After the transformation, he fixed his bonescythe. Unfortunately, he ran into an Ogre who casted Carbonite on him. This led to him being in the future three years from now, where he met Vesta, a Goddess of Destruction. They ran away after many failed attempts. Naton is now going to the Temple of Thor. The Old God became inactive and was soon kicked. No one will know what will happen next.

The Don is the leader of the Mafia and Portside. He almost got assassinated by an elf from Solarium. Then, Loretta and Sain made their untimely appearance, but they "died". Don, after getting information from a bounty hunter, is preparing defenses against High Elf Verius Maxwell, king of Solarium. After bad luck struck, Shellmind began to come out from the ocean, and the Paladin Order retreated, leaving Don to defend Portside. The shellminds casted a spell that formed a massive wave over Portside and soaked it in water. This lead to repairs and Don tried to create an alliance with the shellminds, but failed. Don scouted Solarium, but was seen and ran back to Portside, where he ran into Loretta and Sain. The Don won the encounter and killed Loretta. Don went to Nagflad, but encountered a Believer who went into a book and became an elf. Finally, he arrived at Nagflad to get a weapon then went to Dodgur to plan an attack. Don went back to Portside to think of a plan, when Derran Royalblood intercepted his plan and took over Portside. He escapes with Biggysmalls, Dominator, and a small force of men and woman to Nagflad where he met Pius. Afterwards, the Old God became inactive and was soon kicked. No one will know what will happen next.

Emilia was sitting at a fountain, until a shellmind came out of it. Emilia got a Critical Success on Amplify, which lead the shellmind to retreat immediately. Emilia and Alfonso are now traveling to the Forest of Blessings. She got a rifle out of the Blessing. Afterwards, they encountered the aftermath of the destruction in Solarium. They helped out a woman who's surrounded by a mystic blue fire, then headed towards Vorr. After encountering Elizabeth on the road, they encountered AF and retreated to the Lost Village where she met Marse.

Molly is a Peasant from Lenoir who decided to go on an adventure. She got a Cowfrog named Cravin, and set out to Solarium...Until a Goblin attack decided to ruin her day and went back to Lenoir. After working, she went back to Solarium to train. She met Ted, Rocki, Morgan, Paladin Scylla, Paladin Timmy, and Paladin Athena at the barracks. Ted, Rocki, and Morgan were fellow recruits. Molly underwent a test with Paladin Timmy, and he went to talk to Trann about Glow. Afterwards, Molly began working towards to becoming a Paladin with Ted, Morgan, and Rocki. Some training later, the squad and the Recruits saw a portal opening up. It led to Shellminds attacking the Recruits and the Paladins until the Whelping Leviathan appeared. They retreated and let Verius Maxwell and the other Paladins to fend off this Whelpling. Leviathan flew to Dodgur, and the Recruits were left to help the civilians of Solarium. However, Molly found herself smelling gas with a light fire nearby. The next thing she knew, she was on the ground with everyone looking below her. This tale is forgotten. 

Foven Leo is a Porc that was in Dunebai. One day, he decided to join a Gang, but asked the Sheriff. This led to a quick battle with Leon Avo, but suprisingly, Foven killed Leon Avo with a Critical Success on Seismic Slam! Foven quickly looted the body, but encountered Caid Edin, leader of The Maniacs. Foven barely got out alive! So, he traveled to City to City, until he was stopped by Grand Warriors. Thus, he swiftly went to jail by the order of Queen Delthea Royalblood of Kel Toduhr. After experiencing Prison Break, he heard a scratching sound in his cell. Foven told the guards and killed his last chance of getting out of prison. His Old God abandoned him afterwards. No one will know what will happen next. Until his Old God came back when Leviathan broke the prison. He encountered Pharien and his crew, but they shortly dumped him off near Dunebai where Foven is fighting a Highbear. 

Birmir Tonir is a Black Boar that was in Solarium with Ashley Tonir, a Elven Thane. They ran a butcher business that went bankrupt, and sought out to create another one. First, they went to the Cathedral to get a free Ability, and Ashley ended up getting Rebirth. This made Birmir sad...Really sad...Anyway, they decided to go to Vorr to start their butcher shop. The first Beast they encountered was a Highbear. This led to Ashley casting Rebirth and became a Highbear in the process. Shortly, they built their hut and gathered meat to sell to the citizens of Vorr. When Leviathan came to attack Dodgur, he and Ashley helped the citizens escape to Vorr. Until that was over, he went back hunting. Birmir and Ashley are apart of AF.

Pharien Koresto is a jail-breaker with his crew, Tar, Gerd, and Linus. They planned to escape from Kel Toduhr, but Leviathan helped them...By crushing the roof of the prison. They teleported, with the help of Linus, outside of Dunebai. Afterwards, they went to Lotus to restore their inventory. Gerd got his mind burned from the Spell instead. This caused the others to make him believe that he's someone else. And they got what they wanted, he became a Medusa. Gerd is now Asudem, an intelligent Porc who is now an Elf. Pharien killed Tar and lived out Asudem's commands and orders. Including destroying Roke. After that incident, he's ordered to take over Rakka Takka and Vorr. Rakka Takka was successful, but Vorr was more troubling. Satanael, Trann, Armin, Murtongon, and Aminta managed to meet up at Vorr and encountered Pharien. A fight ensured and Pharien killed himself by his own Flamelance. This Tale is forgotten.

Kid La'at is a Keen Thane in Rakka Takka. He wanted to leave but his Father didn't allow him, but Kid did it anyway. The first encounter he met is a Ogre. He got hit by Erase soon after. This Tale is forgotten.

Mako is a Monk in Solarium. After buying some stuff, he went to Forest of Blessings and got a Grappling Hook. Yay...Anyway, he encountered one of Asudem's men and became apart of Asudem's Following. He is now traveling to Lotus, but was stopped by AF. He joined the fight of Solarium until he got chilled. He went to Jimmy Town and found a homeless Jimmy and fed him. 

Danny is an Alchemist in Lenoir, studying the mutated Black Plague. He brewed some potions, buying stuff, almost got turned into an Ageless, and among other things. After that happened, Danny saw Paladins come into town and talked to them about the plague. He went to Solarium to study the disease. 

Forgotten Tales:
These are tales that met their doom. 

The Tale of Luna Lutz was a short and brutal one. She sought out to journey to the Elven city of Solarium, but Luna ran into a pair of Gorgons. She put up a good fight, but a critical error of a Transfusion led to the downfall of her. In the end, nothing remains except pieces of meat in a Gorgon's stomach. 

The Tale of Jimmy and Jimmy was an idiotic one. They both argued about a game called Jimmy Ball then soon after left to go to the birthplace of Jimmy. The Voice in the Sky warned Jimmy time and time again, but he didn't listen, and that costed him his life.

The Tale of Loretta was an eventful one, but soon came to an end. Loretta, with her highbear companion Sain, met Don where he put a bounty on her. Don, with his ogre companion Biggysmalls, killed Loretta and forced Sain to run away. 

The Tale of Molly was an optimistic one. She was determined to become a Paladin with the ghost of her grandfather looking after her. After fleeing from Leviathan, she tried to help the people of Solarium, but soon met her end. A house exploded which caused her to tumble onto the ground with her allies unable to help. 

The Tale of Kid La'at is a VERY short one. He wanted to leave, but his Father didn't permit him. Kid left anyway and soon fell to an Ogre using Erase.

The Tale of Pharien is the strangest one. He escaped prison and his friend turned into a Medusa. Pharien served Asudem (Was Gerd) until he died. Then his other friend (Linus) became Asudem II. Soon after, Pharien was carrying out an order and he Flamelanced himself. His charred body remains in Lotus.
1. I will randomly draw the random spells/companion abilities/treasures/cornerstones/attributes for your race and classes on your application.
2. No metagaming. (Like knowing that Jimmy is about to kill Jimmy 3 across the world)
3. If your starting place is Jimmy Town, your name has to be Jimmy. No exceptions.
4. No editing your rolls. If I catch you doing this, then your roll is a 1.
5. You state the action, I state the result. 
6. You can't change the outcome if the round ends. (Like trying to save a Companion after the round has ended)
7. Be civil with the other Old Gods.
8. Don't start a flame war. That's the least thing everyone wants.
9. Put "Goblin 2" in your application to prove that you read this.
Murlin22: Marseille_Mervon_Malonce
Level 1
Stamina: 23
Gold: 320
XP: 0/100
Low Roll: 2-7
High Roll: 19
Belle Stamina: 50

Level 1
Stamina: 298
Gold: 750
XP: 0/100
Low Roll: 2-7
High Roll: 19
Ashley_Tonir: Stamina: 153

Toruk:  Trann_Jaded_
Level 4
Stamina: 68
Gold: 45
XP: 590/800
Low Roll: 2-5
High Roll: 18-19
Inventory Slot: None
Armin_Jaded: Stamina: 47

xxthatguy11xx:  Foven_Leo
Level 4
Stamina: 77
Gold: 0
XP: 130/800
Low Roll: 2-5
High Roll: 18-19
Passive: None

Milk: Emilia_Alvaro_
Level 2
Stamina: 73
Gold: 550
XP: 150/250
Low Roll: 2-6
High Roll: 19
Alfonso_Highdancer Stamina: 78

Level 1
Stamina: 72
Gold: 100
XP: 0/100
Low Roll: 2-7
High Roll: 19

Sabertooth: Mako
Level 1
Stamina: 92
Gold: 120
XP: 60/100
Low Roll: 2-7
High Roll: 19

Ewanme99: Leylehn_Gyley
Level 1
Stamina: 52
Gold: 290
XP: 0/100
Low Roll: 2-7
High Roll: 19
These are the Character Sheets for NPCs that showed up in the Old Gods' tales. Some of these inventories tell a story.
Paladin Order:

Ted: Stamina: 72
Rocki: Stamina: 64
Morgan: Stamina: 71
Verius_Maxwell: Stamina: 234
Stella_maxwell Stamina: 113
Soleil_Maxwell Stamina: 127
Paladin_Timmy Stamina: 92
Sunny__Paladin_Timmy Stamina: 50
Paladin_Scylla Stamina: 133
Paladin_Athena Stamina: 133
Paladin_Seeker_Lachesis Stamina: 114
PaladinMagician_Gaius Stamina: 78
The Law:
Leon_Avo: Dead 
Perri_Welk Stamina: 762
Ktan_Febe Stamina: 762
Grand Warrior Clan:
Derran_Royalblood: Stamina: 260
Delthea_Royablood: Stamina: 90
Twists of Fate: Vesta (Both of these are her Inventory)
Vesta Disappeared
The Swine:
Caid_Edin Stamina: 142
Asudem's Following: 
Asudem Dead
Asudem_the_II Stamina: 137
Aiden: Dead
Zeus Stamina: 210
Samneric Stamina: 90
Bakka Stamina: 143
mk Stamina: 80
Murtungon Stamina: 248
Aminta Stamina: 90
Elizabeth Stamina: 73
Vine Stamina: 50
Twists of Fate:
Personality Drugs: 
At any time, you may change your Attribute to a random selection of 3. However, if you choose to do this, then all Low Rolls will be considered Critical Fails. Active until Page 250.
Green with Envy: The world of Cerrania is in danger of the mutated Black Plague in Lenoir. It's been infected with the Element of Earth. One side-effect could turn you into a green husk that spread the mutated plague. Active until a cure is found. 

Shellmind Invasion: Chance for a Shellmind to pop up in Random Encounters near a water source.
Vesta, Goddess of Destruction: Every Character will fight Vesta, but most won't die thanks to Naton.
Friendly Gods, Bad Times: Every Character will get a free random Ability at a Shrine, but a Critical Failure on a Spell will cast a different Spell. 
Stage 1: (Submitted to me)
Starting Gold Roll:
Starting Stamina Roll:

Stage 2: (After I drew the random stuff)
Bought Abilites:

Stage 3: (Lore time)
Gender and Age:
Starting Place:

(I will create the Character Sheet for you) 
Ignore everything above this. This RP ended and another will take its place.


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    Stage 1: (Submitted to me) Goblin 2 Goblin 1
    Race: Porc
    Class: Paladin
    Starting Gold Roll:
    Starting Stamina Roll:

    Stage 2: (After I drew the random stuff)
    Bought Abilites:

    Bought Items/Treasures/Consumables/Supplies:

    Stage 3: (Lore time)
    Gender and Age:

    (I will create the Character Sheet for you) 
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    You're missing something. Two things actually. @Murlin22 ;
  • ( I did what? )
  • (Read Rules and Mechanics for your missing piece) @Murlin22
  • ( lol I forgot sorry )
  • (Find Goblin 1 in Mechanics while I draw your random stuff) @Murlin22
  • ( oh I thought I only had to put the second one fair enough I really did read it all I find the whole shrine and levelling thing quite interesting )
  • Wait shit! I need to edit some stuff on the application! @Murlin22
  • New changes:

    Stage 2: 
    Bought Abilites:

    Stage 3: 
    Gender and Age:
    Starting Place:

  • I spend 150 of my 360 gold on : war hammer, heavy plate, divine favour, conversion, divine intervention and lay on hands 
  • Alright. You're ready for Stage 3. @Murlin22
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    Stage 1: (Submitted to me) Goblin 1 Goblin 2 (sorry forgot)
    Race: Keen
    Class: Seeker
    Starting Gold Roll: (this was a 2, got changed whenever I put goblin 1 and 2 in)
    Starting Stamina Roll: (this was a 3)

    Stage 2: (After I drew the random stuff)
    Bought Abilites:

    Stage 3: (Lore time)
    Gender and Age:
    Starting Place:
  • Your Cornerstone is playwrights, championsseed, and farmer. (You will cast the Fire and Ice spells from your companion if you like. If you choose Champion's Seed, then you can choose two or three weapons for your inventory)

    Your Attribute is optimistic.

    Your gold is 760.

  • Ill take champion's seed as my cornerstone
  • Alright. Your four random weapons is dreamstaff, elementalmagegauntlet1, bonescythe, and lawsoo

  • Name: Grafalcon Gellantara
    Gender: Male 
    Age: 19 ( equivalent)
    Starting place: Jimmy town
    Background: Grafalcon was born from an porc pit but when he emerged there were no porcs there to greet him, only a group of elven mercenaries who had slaughtered the porcs who lived in the area, he was taken captive by them and raised by the one kind elf among them, an old elf named Mortis Lane, he was raised as the groups pet and bullied constantly, Mortis on may occasions tried to free him but was punished every time and eventually killed for doing so, in a fit of rage from his one friends death Grafalcon started randomly casting spells at the group of Elves and as he did so he started being able to read they were thinking and it was fear, eventually all that wa slept of them were some burning, frozen, crushed and disintegrated corpses, Grafalcon moved and lived a secluded life in Jimmy town but now he feels as if the time is right for him to go on his own adventure.
  • Ok ill take the dream staff and the elemental mage gauntlet, everything else is for the rest of the party
  • Your alias will be Jimmy Porc then. 

    @Murlin22 ;
  • (You are by yourself, unless you get a companion) @Firelie
  • Ok in that case ill also take the lawsoo
  • You will not have a Shield. Are you sure? @Firelie
  • ( oh ok I guess do I have to XD )
  • I dont really have too much money to play with, and the lawsoo is pretty good
  • @Murlin22
    Graflac...Garal...I will call you Grafa because I can't remember your name
    You wake up in Jimmy Town with an ache in your back. The usual Jimmies are trashing your place because you are a Porc, and left literal shit in your bowl. It looks like the sun is coming up.

    A. Find the Shit Jimmies
    B. Go to the Shop
    C. Free Action (Do Anything)
  • Alright, do Stage 2. @Firelie
  • B. Go to the shop
  • @Murlin22
    You go to the shop. 

    A. Look at Treasure 
    B. Look at Items
    C. Look at Consumables 
  • A. Look at the treasures
  • @Murlin22
    Treasure time:

    A. Buy a Treasure
    B. Don't buy a Treasure
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