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feels south east asian man(rant-not important-)

When rob streams u realms on 1pm eastern and its 1 am here where i live so i have to go full man mode and just tank 2 days with no sleep i would notmally just say no if it were any other thing but urealms is like a drug u cant stop doing feels bad man


  • Yeah, and just like any other drug. It gives you a good sensation that blocks all your problems and makes you want to ome back for more

    Wait, what if. This actually was a drug *Gasp*
  • It's for us European folk, for which I am thankful. Although it still goes on way past midnight. Can't be helped though. No matter what time it starts, someone will get screwed. 
  • I mean it doesnt really matter other than the divine decision. And rob cant just change the shoe for a small fan base that could just watch the vod or on youtube
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